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Alien and Fairy Food

Here is an analysis of the food and drinks offered to humans by aliens,and faeries. Based on his research, the most common offering from these entities is some form of liquid, whether it be ales and wine from faeries or mysterious drinks forced upon abductees by their captors. Additionally, he said, many contactees have reported receiving sweet fruit juice when encountering a ‘space brother.’ It is suggested that the longstanding faerie lore,

which warned that accepting food from these entities would trap the recipient in their supernatural world, may have a connection to the after-effects which befall ET abductees who are administered liquids or ‘medicines’ during their experience.

Regarding the foods provided by these entities, faeries have been known to offer baked goods or other elaborate items which are later revealed to actually be detritus, such as leaves, twigs, and worms, that has been seemingly “cloaked with this sort of glamour to make it appear appealing.” This connects with the observation of the famous UFO case of Joe Simonton, who allegedly received pancakes from his ET visitors but, when attempting to eat the food, described it as tasting like cardboard. Therefore, it is surmised that these food exchanges may be part of an agenda which goes beyond merely providing sustenance to hungry humans.