Dr. CK Quarterman attended Cathedral Bible College and holds a
Doctor of Divinity degree. He is also a guest professor at Cathedral
Bible College. He founded “End Times Ministries” and is a frequent
speaker on Christian and secular radio shows across America.
CK Quarterman - Author: The American Dream

He is the author of the following books; “The American Dream“, a systematic guide to starting your own business, and “Fallen Angels: Giants, UFO Encounters, And The New World Order“, a nonfiction about Fallen Angels and their antics with humanity. “Genesis Secrets Revealed” offers a verse by verse commentary of the first eleven chapters of Genesis, and the book “Demons & Deliverance”, dealing with the onslaught of evil at this present time, making this work of “Demons and Deliverance” of
paramount importance.
His newest book, Marriage A Covenant will be published soon.


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