How do demons gain access into the believer

How do demons gain access into the believer?

Ecclesiastes 10:8: He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso

breaketh a hedge, a serpent shall bite him.

There is a hedge of protection around a Christian, but if there’s a hole in the hedge around them, it can open the door to a demon to oppress them. We commonly refer to this as a “door.” There are certain sins and things a Christian can commit that will defile him. For example, having sex outside of marriage can create unholy soul ties, which serve as demonic bridges, and can pass demons from one person to another.

Sometimes There Is No Open Door

I knew a young man who had given his life to Christ just before entering the Armed Forces. Out of nowhere, with no warning, he was standing in the presence of what he sensed as evil. This presence spoke to his mind saying, “You are going to blasphemy the Holy Spirit and die!” The young man knew there was no truth to this statement, however it brought incredible fear. Many times a day this thought would plague him until he began to say, “I rebuke you in Jesus’ name.” Hoping that this process would be over before long, he hung in there. He visited a few exorcists, but to no avail. At times, it was so bad he would lie on the floor and beat his fists into the carpet.

While walking and praying in the woods one day, the thought hit him again “You are going to blasphemy the Holy Spirit and die!” As usual he began to say, “I rebuke you in Jesus’ name.” When he did so, he saw a demon siting behind a tree with his fingers in his ears. He was in pain! The young man realized every time he spoke and rebuked the devil, it was causing the devil pain. This encouraged the young man to become ever angrier with the devil and he rebuked even harder.

This had gone on now for a period of about three years until the young man saw one day that the thoughts had stopped; he was free! It’s now been thirty-four years of freedom. Praise God!

One victim wrote to me, “My aunt got me into studying the paranormal (over 40 yrs. ago). She said she was a ‘white witch’ and was a minister of the Church of St. Timothy, whatever that is. Anyway, when I started studying with the books she gave me by Edgar Cayce and other authors, I had the experience one day of being raped by a demon. Couldn’t see him, whoever it was, but it was powerful and strong. It terrified me and was hard to believe it had happened, yet I knew it did. That’s all it took to get me away from anything even related to the paranormal or occult. Thank God I had the sense to know to get out of it.”

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