Deliverance Checklist

Questions to ask yourself

1.    What kind of spiritual oppression are you feeling?  Are you experiencing any of the following: Depression, fear, voices, mental or physical illness, mental torment, spiritual torment, or chronic or routine low self esteem?

2.    Are you aware of any family members who experienced sudden trauma or death? Do you have any un-forgiveness toward yourself or others in your family? Has anyone in your family including yourself experienced physical or mental abuse, drugs, alcoholism, violence, molestation?  Anything you want to add about your family’s overall situation that concerns you?

3.    Unholy practices, have you ever been involved in any of the following:  Satanism, Freemasons, Occult like objects including Ouija Boards, Witchcraft, Tarot cards, curses, divination, fascination w/paranormal including shows or tours of ghost hunting, new age theories or practices, UFO’s, horoscopes, communication with the dead (including relatives) pornography, lust, temper fits, religious objects or new age objects including crystals, dream catchers, or artifacts.

4.    Describe your relationship with your parents?  Have you experienced any of the following; Violence, abuse whether physical or mental, problematic relations with any relative, do you have any un-forgiveness with family members or any on-going situation where hatred is still manifested. Does your family have a history of suicide, witchcraft, Native American, or have they been in the occult?

5.    Have you had relationships outside of marriage? Any homosexual desires or relationships in the past.  Any dreams or sexual encounters while sleeping?  Have you ever been raped, molested, or part of sexual rituals.  Have you had an abortion?

6.    Have you used marijuana, cocaine, speed, hallucinate products etc., Are you currently prescribed any drugs due to health concerns?   Do you see things no one else sees? Do you hear voices? How often does God talk with you?

7.    Habitual Sins, do you feel that you have sin that is uncontrollable and you can not seem to stop engaging in it like; porn, anger, lust, covetous spending, hard rock, rap or unholy music, hatred, regret, past relationships unresolved, bitterness, loss of control, unexpressed guilt about your life, family or God.

8.    What is your commitment to Christ?  Do you believe Christ is the virgin born Son of God, his death at the cross for your sins, and his resurrection?  Would you say you trust in the finished work of Christ for your salvation? Is Jesus your Lord?  If delivered would you share your testimony with others to help them find a stronger relationship with Christ?

When answering these questions you may see generational curses or demonic affliction. Please use our contact forms to contact us for FREE help.

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