How to tell when a demon is present

Physical manifestations of demon oppression:

Sickness or disease (Luke 4:39; Luke 4:41; Luke13:10-13)
Unexplained bodily pains
Distorted voice
Distorted posture (Luke13:10-13)
Extremely fierce/hostile behavior (Matthew 8:28-32; Acts 19:13-16)
Unexplained foul odors in vicinity of the person (typically like sulfur or rotten eggs)
Obsessive/Compulsive/Driven behavior (Luke 8:29)
Seizure (being seized by the demon and driven to do something) (Luke 8:29; Luke 9:39-42)
Self-destructive behavior (throwing oneself into fire; suicide attempts, cutting the flesh; etc.)  (Mark 5:1-6; Luke 9:39-42)
Nakedness in public (Luke 8:27)
Abnormal living patterns and behavior (Luke 8:27,35; Mark 5:5)
Difficulty reading Bible and worshipping God
Difficulty confessing and renouncing specific sin (especially occult sin)
Bodily contortions or convulsions (Luke 4:33-36; Mark 1:25-26); bulging eyes; contorted face; slithering like a snake; crouching like a cat; etc.
“Demonic” reactions (aversion to the word of God, aversion to worship of God,  mockery, distraction, cussing at the deliverance minister)
Foaming at the mouth (Luke 9:39-42)
Deafness and/or muteness (Luke 9:39-42)
Mocking (Luke 4:33-35; Acts 16:16-18)
Crazy or abnormal behavior (Luke 8:35; Mark 5:5)
Superhuman strength (Luke 8:29; Mark 5:3-4)
Hostility toward true followers of Jesus Christ (example: crying out with a loud voice) (Acts 8:6-7; Luke 4:33)
Severe phobias and fears
Night visitations from evil presence
Recurring nightmares, sleep chocking
Tormenting thoughts & voices in the mind
Lack of peace



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