Invisible Forces

A true Biblical study of invisible phenomenon is where the researcher consciously ignores the natural tendency to jump to conclusions, and analyzes his perceptions based upon Scripture.

Invisible forces have confused and frightened both nonprofessionals and scientists for centuries, but ignoring them regardless of how scary they may be is not an option.

One might suggest ignoring the supernatural in hopes that it might go away. However, this just does not work because something is causing a very large number of people to have frightening experiences. Any scientist or layperson will admit this. Television is rampant with the occult and its myriad of invisible forces.

Our inability to understand even our own first-hand experiences with invisible forces leads many to draw conclusions about those experiences that are incorrect, because they are based on existing folklore, incorrect beliefs, or cultural biases rather than Scripture.

A stroke in the night by an invisible entity might be an alien visitation for one person, a ghost, or a demon to another. An orb shooting overhead in the sky becomes a UFO sighting for the Ufologist, a ghost sighting for the ghost hunter, or a spiritual doorway for the New Ager. A picture moving on its own becomes a demonic visitation for one person, psychokinesis for another or a ghost. A person may believe that they have seen an alien or ghost, when in fact they have seen demonic activity.

To understand what a person has experienced we must look to Scripture.
Scripture says many things about invisible forces. “We need to ask some very serious questions and demand some very serious answers.” There are many who sit in the church and remain stunted in their development. This must end!

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