Praise Report “V”

The “short” prayer for my son has had great effect…I did NOT tell him we prayed for him. Randomly today he told me that for the past two days he feels that his mind is more at rest, and his thinking is much more clear!! The prayer may have been short, but was 

powerful. I THEN told him we prayed for him TWO nights ago!!! And told him he can can contact you, if he wants more prayer. I hope he does! Thank you again! Hallelujah

Oh wow

The Lord gave me a prophetic word for someone this week that was right on target–I didn’t realize it was a prophetic word, it just popped into my mind randomly and I mentioned it to the person it was for and she confirmed that it was right on target–I feel that the deliverance prayers from the group and other leading the Lord has been giving me through other ministries, has been cleaning me out to begin moving in gifts to edify others…I felt like I was a stopped up well and now I have faith believing that the Lord is working to clear the pipes so that the living water flows out of me to refresh others….I mentioned that to “A” and she reminded me of the prophetic word you gave…to be honest I had completely forgotten about that word, but am happy “A” reminded me, so I wanted to let you know…and even though I don’t remember everything that was spoken, I receive it all in Jesus name with thanks and praise to Him for allowing it. Thank you again for your prayers!!!

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