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“Wow, you’ve just opened up a whole new understanding of the workings of the Asmodeus spirit within family interpersonal relations. It is, indeed, assigned to many as a means of destruction of the cohesion of God’s idea of family. Indeed, this was a stronghold in my

own relation with my ex- which later sought to move on to my children as a generational/familiar spirit. This one, very violent, had to be dealt with … that is, thanks to the prayer team of Pastor CK Quarterman. May it roam in dry places and not return forever…

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Who Can Be Cursed?

Who Can Be Cursed?

I have this question come up all of the time, mainly from people walking outside the will of God for their lives.

The answer to this question is pretty simple. The only people that can be cursed are

people that are not in God’s favor at the moment. We see from scripture that not even a prophet can curse people under God’s protection.

How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed? or how shall I defy, whom the LORD hath not defied?” – Numbers 23:8

Please read the entire chapter for better context of what is going on, but when we are in God’s favor, we can’t be cursed no matter how bad someone wants us to be.

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Testimony of LJ

At one point I had the perfect life, in my opinion.

It was I and my younger brother, mom and dad. I had another brother that lived with his dad. Things started to go downhill when dad passed away and my older brother moved in with us. My mother had been having an affair which we found out about when the man she was having an affair with came knocking on our door! Mom packed our stuff and moved us in with him. She became an alcoholic. I begin acting out, mad that I wasn’t with

my dad. About a year later my brother started molesting me and it went on and became a nightmare from hell for the next three years. I finally had enough of the abuse and I ran away. I was gone for days before the police found me. I then was forced to move in with my dad. I became very promiscuous and actually ended up getting pregnant at the age of fifteen. When my mom heard I was pregnant she called me every name in the book! Some names I had never heard! I hadn’t heard a single word from her in the past three years, then out of the blue here she is cussing me. My dad was set on me not keeping my child to the extent that he had adoptive parents waiting in the next room while I gave birth. Thank the LORD, my mom came and for some reason put a stop to it! Why out of character. My daughter and I then moved in with my mother for a month. Later, I moved in with my sister who was pagan (a witch), that’s when the problems really started! I again got pregnant and I gave this child up for adoption.

Things at my sister’s house were crazy! You would hear people talking, things would move around, and things would happen that was far from normal, I might even say paranormal. I mistakenly had my sister read my tarot cards a few times just to see what they said, being only seventeen I had no idea how dangerous communicating with spirits could be. Things in that home got so out of control! I and my daughter had to move out. We settled in our new home, but could tell things were not right. Something followed us, ” an entity of some type”. I would later learn that this entity was a demon. At the time I didn’t think it was anything bad. It made noises from time to time to let us know it was there. I had just had our daughter and had to move again. I was sure it wouldn’t follow us. Well it did! Not long after we moved again, it followed us again. About this time I found out my fiancé was sleeping with his ex-wife, and he later ended up going to jail. Shortly after that I ran into an ex-boyfriend and we begin sleeping together. I again I got pregnant. I made the choice to have an abortion.

When my fiancé got out of jail we got married and had a son. We moved several times, but every house we moved to this demon followed us. I was always so mad, hateful, and I treated my middle child horribly. I also went through a stealing phase. During this time my husband ended up cheating on me again and having an affair, so I filed for a divorce. I and the kids stayed in the home. We kept feeling like something was there and watching us! When a friend came over I said, “I’ve had a ghost follow me for years” she looked at me and said it’s not a ghost it’s a demon! That very minute the air got thick. I flipped out! I didn’t have a clue what to do. We also started hearing growling noises and smelling sulfur.

My friend told me to call Dr. CK Quarterman, so I did. My oldest daughter and I asked Jesus to come into our hearts while we prayed with Dr. Quarterman. I and my daughter prayed to be saved while on the phone with Dr. Quarterman. The demon didn’t want to leave and it took several prayer sessions with Dr. CK Quarterman to get us delivered. We have now started going to church and I along with my oldest daughter got anointed at church. I am thankful that this demon pushed me to our heavenly father’s arms. I am now free from these awful demons.


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I was being tormented by a demon

I was being tormented by a demon,

it had portrayed its self as my best friend whom I lost in 2007. Even though I believed in Jesus Christ I had questioned GOD and why the things were happening to us. The things we went thru as a family no mother should ever have to go thru with her child. It was heart breaking and I lost my faith. I had been being tormented for about three weeks and had prayed and commanded this demon out. I was looking on the internet for help. I found 

freedom from masterbuation
author CK Quarterman, I sent him a email he called me that night. We talked and tried to figure out how the demon came in. The next night on the prayer line, my husband and my self were delivered. After a few days the demon left completely. It was not tormenting me anymore. I prayed for God to send me some help, an he sent me Dr. CK Quarterman and the rest of the prayer group. I am soooo thankful an my life has changed. I am saved. I pray if someone is going thru this just let Jesus in your heart, everything happens for a reason. God didn’t stop the demon before it started, because I believe it was so that I could have a close relationship with Jesus. This happening was a blessing in disguise and this has made me a better mother an wife. I have a stronger faith than ever before. I am truly blessed thank you Jesus an thanks again Dr. CK Quarterman and the prayer group. I once was but now I am found, I truly know the meaning of that now!

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Thinking about being thankful.

Recently within the last few months we have ministered to some fifty people, most of them successfully. I also know of five people (Beth says more) that have prayed to receive Christ and have become new Christians in our work. The number could be as high as ten. I also

remember two healings that we didn’t even pray for which happened while we ministered or taught. Many Words of Knowledge, and some Prophecy encouraging people. Just wanted to mention the fruitfulness of what we have seen God doing together through Deliverance Ministries Group.  All of these things I am thankful for and to each person who has prayed. Dr. CK Quarterman

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Testimony of Sexual Freedom

OK, our actions affect others.

Sometimes the simplest things cause problems one would never expect for many years to come. It’s so important to weigh out one’s actions carefully. I remember from the earliest ages…about 6 or 7 years old being put into the bathtub with a female cousin. Yes, neither my aunt nor mother thought of it too seriously. But it started something that has lasted all these years. Before I was 9, I had already experimented sexually with a girl close to my age. I didn’t have any understanding of the ramifications of our actions. We were just little kids and curious. When I was about 9 or 10, I was playing with my friends in the woods, which we did all the time. Some careless, or perhaps evil, person had littered the hillside with pornography. You can bet what a group of young boys did with that. Yes, we took them and hid them in a hollow tree and visited them many, many times. Now I was no longer innocent. I had been fully awakened. But I didn’t see the evil that I was inviting in to my life.

I asked Jesus to save me because of a visit to church camp at roughly the same time in my life,..I think it was just before we had discovered the porn on the hillside. This was Sunday, Aug 17, 1986. I will never forget that day. However, just as Christ was planting the seeds of eternal life in my soul, the devils of hell were scheming their plans for my life. As I grew up, I knew the things I had done were wrong, but something else was already inside of me, creating strong desires. I didn’t know this, of course, I just thought I was normal. 2 persons

were developing both inside this same shell. I was rapidly learning the Scriptures, witnessing to my friends, going to church, and even preaching at a local church in my early teens. At the same time, I was acting out my desires in a personal level.

I had grown up a Free-Will Baptist, often thinking I had lost my salvation and going frequently to the altar to regain it. I was torturing myself in my spirit to try to walk good enough to merit this salvation I had originally gained as a free gift. I say the problem with Free-Will Baptists is that they don’t really try to keep the rules they believe save them. I did. I went soul-winning, studied my Bible for many hours, learned prophecy, even frequently took the flag in this very quiet church, and ran with it around the auditorium. I felt every word of the Scriptures was real. If people were going to hell, we needed to do something and God expected us to do it. But apparently, the vast majority of them didn’t quite see it that way. By my senior year in high school, I had so worn out my spirit by trying, I told God that “if salvation has to be earned, I CAN NOT DO IT. You have to save freely, I simply will never be able to do this.” And there went my Armenian views.

Now with that gone, I was still on fire for God and wanted to please Him, even if not for salvation itself. I went to a Christian College. Unfortunately, the other side of “me” went along. It had never left and was driving me in a personal, private manner. The good side of me, however, was yearning to make God happy with my life (though, again, not for salvation itself.) I often snuck out of college with a female friend, not to do any wrong, but to go soul winning around the area! I also joined a street preaching group, and we did all we could to win the people of Florida, a majority of them trapped in the Scientology cult, to the Lord. I actually had a year or so of victory of my personal sins. While I lived on my own during the summer, I was solicited by a female Sunday school member from a church I had attended. I was visiting her to see if she was coming to Sunday school, as her attendance was infrequent. Still naive, I didn’t see that the reason she invited me into her house was that her parents were not home, and she had plans. When I understood what she wanted, I quickly dismissed myself and got away as fast as I could, remembering the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife. Unfortunately, it re-awakened the desires I had some victory over. That was the last time I had victory of this issue.

Seeing the intense apathy of most of the people in my college, I wanted to do more. I also began listening to sermon cassette tapes (yeah, they were still around then). I had even gone on a missionary trip to France for 6 weeks over the summer not long after the event with the woman from my Sunday School class. I remember witnessing to some kids in France about being reborn…a term which in french, happens to be very similar to my interpreter’s name. I was astounded how these kids had no background whatsoever in Scripture as they said “c’est impossible!” “No one can be born twice!” Those were great times, unfortunately, something was back in me pulling me apart. So many of my thoughts were double minded and becoming more perverse.

I transferred from paradise to the ice cold frozen wasteland of the North Western USA. I was pleased to discover that EVERY person was required to be in a ministry. I quickly joined up with the bus routes and the street preaching group. Many of these men are in full time service around the world today, including one of the guys I street preached with, who is a missionary in Haiti. Because of my character, on the outside, I worked my ministry with all I could give it. I went to college full time, worked 40 hours a week or more (moving quickly up the pay-scale all the way to line foreman) and won hundreds of people to the Lord throughout. I brought hundreds of visitors to church, even one time winning a contest (in a church of thousands of people) to bring the most visitors over 6 weeks. We brought 89 visitors on our buses! The win got me an all expense paid trip to visit missionaries in the Philippines for a week. That trip was in my final year of college. I had married and had my first and second daughters. This is where the “other” me had began to show its ugly head. I could not be the person I was supposed to be, even though on the outside, I was everything the college wanted me to be and was teaching me to be. I was angry, frustrated, unloving and uncaring, driving away my wife. I was so obsessed with sex on the inside, that I could not treat her properly. She was supposed to “fix” all this…so I could be the person I wanted to be on the outside. We fought constantly as I discovered the inevitable problems this idea brought onto our marriage.

My final year in college, the same year I had won the trip to the Philippines, I had discovered that I was in no shape to be in any ministry. I had seen others act like me who had failed, caused church splits, and hurt a lot of people. I did not want to be another person like that. I became very depressed as I saw my dreams disappear that I had worked so hard to gain. I took this out even further on my wife and took the other “me” to a heightened pitch. It had never left, but now was becoming monstrous, being fueled by anger and depression.

I knew my wife would not stay around like this forever without help, so we moved closer to her family. Our arguing and fighting grew, nonetheless, and I pretty much just gave up on life, though I still weakly fought on by occasionally driving a bus for the pastor of the church we attended, the pastor being a graduate of the college from which I had just graduated. At least she had help. I didn’t want it to be this way, I just had no idea how to get out of it. We had been to counseling with so many people…pastors, assistant pastors, even a licensed Christian psychologist. Nothing had helped. I took a job driving blood specimens 2 hours away. I was so depressed and so compulsive in what was now a full blown sexual addiction, I used this freedom to try to find some fulfillment. I began searching for strip clubs, prostitutes, and porn distributors. It was not long before I had found them. My wife had never known any of my inner problems, and remained blind to all of this. The monster was now in control anytime I was out of town, sometimes even while I was doing my night time paper routes, as there are strip clubs around home, too. I literally couldn’t stop it any longer.

It felt like I lost myself and was powerless to regain my own thoughts until after the deeds were finished. During this time I still sought answers. I heard on the radio a man named Roy Masters who frequently speaks of his “meditation” in which one is encouraged to step back and see yourself apart from the mess going on your head. His intentions are good, but as I began to do them, something revealed itself to me. I then began to sense and feel a presence..even seeing in my mind’s eye, the thing(s) that were watching me (I didn’t realize at the time, compelling me) to do the things I was doing. I didn’t see them with my eyes, mind you, just inside my head. Perhaps they were the alien greys, I don’t know, because they were all bald. Their eyes were terrible, and in my night dreams, at least one of them had a third eye. I could “see” or “sense” them every time I visited a strip club or went into the area seeking a prostitute.

I wanted so badly to feel right again, to make things right in every way. I just didn’t know how. Surely I should be able to “make” it happen. I could even support myself and family for months selling newspaper subscriptions door to door. I had the character on the outside. “Why wasn’t God helping me”, I thought? I cried out to God and begged and begged for answers. God answered. First, in response to prayer, God forced me out of my out of town route. Next, God began to tell me that something was terribly wrong about my works. I began to realize that I could not please God by my works. A good friend had given me some life changing books that rewrote so much of my mind. I began to understand God as One Who doesn’t require my obedience to love me. His love never changes. I am holding back the tears as I type this here at the library just thinking about it. Imagine, God loves me just because HE IS LOVE. We transferred to a church, the one we now attend, that helped me further this understanding of God. Second, God began to show me, through our pastor’s sermons, the biblical way to love your wife, ask God for what you need, don’t fight to obtain it (as it says in the book of James.) For the first time, I was beginning to see a way out. Unfortunately, something still had power over a large part of my life.

My thinking had been terribly distorted for so long. I look back on my family pictures and I see it, not me. Every female that passed by took my eye…well, anyone one of maturity, I should say. I was not passing that barrier, thank the Lord! I was still having an occasional quick visit to a strip club….usually under 5 minutes, and was renting movies that had pornography in them to view in private. I even had a small stash very well hiddden. It tortures me to think that I could’ve been the next person littering the hillside, so to speak, for the next generation of innocent persons to find them….probably whom would’ve been my own children.

Third, we began going to Reformers Unanimous, a Christian addiction program every Friday. We’ve been going for over a year now. Though I grew more and more, there was still something missing. I still couldn’t shake the compulsions. I now have accountability, something I never had before. I quickly confess my sins, and told my pastor of my recent behaviors. We broke up my video collection in the church parking lot (inside the bag, of course) and trashed them. My attachment was finally growing weaker, but was still compulsive…still controlling my mind and it seemed I could do nothing about it.
Recently, the pastor of the mega church I attended had been arrested for sexual contact with a minor. This devastated my wife and me, but now that my wife and I are working together on these problems and she is fully knowledgeable of my past-(turned out her past she had hidden from me as well) it came with little surprise. Neither did it surprise us much to begin learning that very many of the staff of the church, the former pastor-the one I had listed to on tape and a great number of the graduates who had taken ministries, had been caught in various degrees of sexual sins. If we try to please God by our works, we will find ourselves panting for satisfaction that will never come. God ALREADY loves us, and has done the works required so His love can forever reach us!

Still suffering in my mind by uncontrollable compulsions, I began revisiting every position I thought I knew about the Bible. I began scouring the internet, reading more books, anything I could to find why my mind is still doing this. I looked at people I would never have considered in my fundamentalist ways of the past. I’ve changed several of my doctrinal views during my journey.

The worst part was that I still felt the ominous presence and could sense the evil that was lurking in the shadows. I began to watch Dr. CK Quarterman’s videos, I think from a link from somewhere, but I don’t remember for certain exactly where. I saw Dr. CK Quarterman exorcising demons. The first couple times, I honestly thought he was staging it. It didn’t really match what I thought about the devil. But then, I am in a time where I am revisiting anything I thought I knew about anything. So, I quietly observed from the side, listened in on a few conference calls, and made a few comments on Facebook.

I recently commented on face book about how I look great on the outside, but on the inside, I am struggling greatly. Dr. CK Quarterman took it up on himself to actually ask why, which no one else bothered to do. I told him everything, …kinda risking it, if you will, not totally sure if he wouldn’t do something awkward with the information. But, instead he offered to gather his group around on conference call and to command the devils that are oppressing me to leave.

Last Saturday, I called in on conference line while delivering my paper route. I had pulled over in an empty parking lot. Though I really didn’t know what to expect…would I begin vomiting, speaking in Latin…or begin convulsing uncontrollably?? I just really wasn’t sure…still not too certain what I believed about this subject to begin with. As we prayed, nothing too obvious happened, at least on the outside. But, on the inside, the same presence that I felt, I could sense its fear and pain. It didn’t want to go anywhere. It was living through me, I think. It also told me inside my head some things like “you know this isn’t going to work” and “I’m always going to be here, you know.” Also, I began to feel a physical change as something left me. For the first time in all these years, I have felt in control of my thoughts again! I feel like there is room in my head. I am free to think whatever I want. I have been several days now with no compulsion whatsoever. This has NEVER happened before. I feel very optimistic for the first time in my life…like this is what it is supposed to be like.

I finally have been able to take captive my thoughts, because compulsion didn’t rule over them. I beg that God will give me His Holy Spirit’s control and power over my life, so I can be the person I have always wanted to be. We prayed for God to protect my kids during the conference call….

I no longer want to be the person I was. Never do I want to be double minded or full of thoughts I can not control, or two minds in the same body. There are no more secrets, no more lies. Everything is being dealt with, from the doctrines, to the relationships, to the direct spiritual aspects. I am asking further prayer for my wife. She has been through so much! I was shocked the day she told me that she was going to help me through all this, no matter how long it takes. She has grown so much! We have become sweeter and more loving towards each other, and I expect even better days ahead. She is no longer an object to me. She is not there just to make me into something. That’s not what love is about. However, I am realizing the demons that attacked me are affecting her in ways she doesn’t yet understand, just as I did not understand the role they play. I have seen attacks working through her these last few days. I guess if they can’t get to me inside my head, they are going to attempt to get to me from outside my head! Pray for her, folks! God bless, y’all!


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New Church

I will sign a lease for our first church building tomorrow.

It is in a strip shopping center in the up state of South Carolina. I can give you more details soon. Does anyone know of a business, restaurant, or

CK Quarterman - Author: The American Dream
someone who goes to restaurant and business auctions, that could help us to get some chairs for the new church please?! We figure with the space, without tearing out any walls, we need 30 chairs. It is OK if they do not match. We just need The Lord to please supply a place for the people that He sends our way. Thank you most of all for your prayers!! Anyone wanting to send a donation, please send to by PO Box. 131 Franklin Plaza, PO Box 204, Franklin, NC 28734 we will be using this address until we have the church up and going. This is certainly a work of faith in that Beth and I have decided never to take a salary from the church. We are going to use all offerings in furtherance of the End Time Gospel Message.

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My testimony TP

My testimony:

I was raised in hard circumstances and brought up to believe in a distorted version of Christianity but after years of living in the bondage of sin and being a Luke-warm Christian I finally answered the lord’s call! It wasn’t easy, I kept falling back into temptation because the gift of salvation alone wasn’t enough to rid me of the demons. It was then when my auntie referred me to Casting Out Demons and after being a part of the group for a few weeks, I asked for deliverance. The group was experienced and made me feel welcomed! Now, demon free, I am more at peace and more in tune to the Holy Spirit then ever! In the short time I’ve been a part of this group, I’ve strengthened my faith, brought someone to The Lord , been delivered, and have peace! I pray that many born again , bible believing, spirit filled, Christians find their way here!


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Danger of the Tarot Cards

Danger of the Tarot Cards

Like many non-Christian families, visiting Spiritualists and Fortune Tellers was our form of Spirituality. We simply didn’t know any better and nobody taught us otherwise. From being a teenager my mother and I visited Mediums, Psychics, Crystal Ball and Tarot Card readers. We went to people’s houses for ‘sittings’ to contact the dead and receive messages. We began to attend audiences where one of our favorite Mediums would be performing. Mum wasn’t as enthralled as I was, and on hearing several Mediums saying to me – ‘You can do what I am doing’ – it encourages you to develop your ‘gift’. Unlike my mum, I became more deeply involved in these practices.


What I was most attracted to was the Tarot Cards. I was more than eager to go out and buy a pack, along with some instruction books. Then I began to seek out classes where I could learn properly. I was taught to ‘feel’ the deck which I was attracted to, and meditate upon them. I bought different decks of cards to work with. I loved them.

I quickly learned how to read them, and started reading for family and friends, they all thought I was good at it, and came back for more. I even began to keep a record of their readings on my computer, so that I could print it out for them for them to look back on when predicted events happened in their lives. People loved it. To me, this was just a hobby, nothing I took too seriously, something which me, my friends and family could enjoy.

So I began to go to development circles. Concentrate on ‘tuning into oneself’ and picking up any visions we might receive. This was then shared with the group and discussed. We were given exercises to do to develop our abilities, and the leading Medium would then make contact and deliver messages to individuals.

I became enthralled, and went out and bought heaps of different books on self development, meditations, chakra reading, channeling, etc. I studied them earnestly, eager to develop.

We began to have ‘sittings’ at our house, where we would invite several friends or family members to participate in the group. And we would tape record our sittings in order to look back on them as predicted events unfolded. We were hooked! I also began visiting local Spiritualist meetings where Clairvoyance is carried out, receiving messages from the dead, or having private sittings.

I was particularly attracted to the Tarot Cards, and very much took to developing this ‘gift’ and wanted to know all there was to know about them. So this was the line of the Occult which I most focused upon.

Although there were some happenings which were quite bizarre, I thought it was fine as no harm came to me whatsoever. Even though I’d read warnings in Occult books about receiving a bad spirit, I still didn’t think it was dangerous, as the advice was just to simply ask for it to leave, and for a better one to take it’s place. Everyone who took part in such activities seemed to come to no harm at all, so we continued . . . .

In 2006 I was invited on an Alpha course to learn about Christianity. I reluctantly attended, thinking I’m only going for the free cake and coffee! I even sat near the door so that I could ‘escape’, no way were these ‘religious nuts’ getting me going to church!! After all, what could these people know about anything spiritual? – They’d never been to a Séance! . . . .

But very soon, the Bible quotes spoke to me. The first one which really stood out was ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’ – Something struck a chord, and I just felt that there was truth in this saying. I think I even commented to my friend that this is true! I started to look forward to our weekly sessions, and couldn’t wait to hear more Bible quotes and learn about Jesus. I began to realize that these people were ‘normal’, and very loving. They still welcomed me even though I’d not felt very friendly towards them when I first arrived. These Christians seemed full of love and seemed to have happiness about them, which I wanted.

I didn’t want to the course to finish, so I attended another one and went through it all again! It was even better the second time around! I then began to attend a Methodist church. However, I still had my Tarot Cards, still thinking there was no harm in them whatsoever. It was my friend who advised me to get rid of them, telling me if I call myself a Christian, I shouldn’t be dabbling with those things.

I eventually agreed, and decided to get rid of my Tarot Cards, and decided to give 100% to the God who had already shown me that he IS a pure love. I hadn’t read the Tarot Cards for other people for a few years, but was aware I still had them at the back of a cupboard. As far as I was concerned I had stopped dabbling in the Occult as I had stopped going to classes, circles, visiting Mediums, etc. I only occasionally got the cards out just to read for myself, maybe once a year or so. I also still had all the Occult books I’d bought . . .

I didn’t realize how VITAL it was that I get rid of everything which tied me to the Occult . . .

It was after getting rid of them that there were several strange happenings, I began to feel the presence of a spirit, which kept visiting me between May and August. I realized the cards had actually connected me with ‘something’, as I started to feel a presence which kept coming to me, very often, almost weekly. It came at any time, out shopping, at work, sitting on a bus, when I was fully awake. I guess it was because I had finally broken the connection, and it was trying to keep it. I got used to it being around, I wasn’t frightened at all. I couldn’t determine who it was, just a definite energy, in physical terms I guess I could describe it as being aware of a small area of ‘fog’. Although it is impossible to physically describe the non physical.

There was even a time when it came whilst I was reading my bible at home, at this point I still didn’t realize it was evil, and I actually welcomed it, wondering who it was, as it wasn’t giving me any identity. My welcome made it become more vibrant. I could feel an increase in its vibration.

It sometimes came to me whilst I was at work. I told the cook about it, and she was convinced I must have a guardian angel watching over me because it wasn’t anything frightening. One time I was in a client’s room (I worked in a care home) and while she was chatting to me I felt it’s presence to be in the direction of the corridor. I didn’t tell the old dear as I didn’t want to frighten her.

At first its presence made me feel calm and I became familiar with its vibration. As the weeks went by, it became stronger, and in its presence I could feel it’s energy blending more with mine, my body felt quite heavy, I begun to feel incredibly nauseous when it was around and my mind felt ‘spaced out’.

To describe this spirit as an area of fog, you would think of it as something separate from yourself. But because it came on an energetic level, it affects your own energy, and therefore affects how you feel.

The final time was the strongest, in August. It was Holy Communion at the Church. I was in the kitchen filling up the thimbles for the Communion. I felt its presence very strongly, even though the place was busy, people talking to me, distractions, I knew ‘something’ was there and nobody else seemed aware of it. It seemed to strongly touch my mind, the very point at which I think was strongly emphasized. As I walked to the front of the church to place the Communion thimbles at the table, there was the familiar feeling of it blending with me. I sat down, and this was more than being calm – I could hardly move out of the chair – my body was so very heavy. My mind was extremely ‘spacey’. Someone came to ask me to serve cups of tea after the service, I immediately answered “I’d love to”. (Normally I would have hesitated as I am quite a shy person). But when I answered it felt like it wasn’t quite me controlling my voice, the words just came, although I was aware that it still sounded like me.

As the service began and everyone started to sing, I felt the presence beginning to fade. I was also then able to stand and sing, and the presence quickly faded away. I realized afterwards this was the beginnings of something wanting to take possession of my

faculties. This was the beginnings of something evil forcing me into trance against my will.

Over the next few weeks, I became frightened and very upset, not knowing when it was going to come back, obviously wondering how I could get rid of it. I rang my church Minister and made an appointment to see him, needing help and not knowing what to do.

But days later I cancelled the appointment as I realized that it had decided to leave me alone, and it has never been back – thank goodness! I can only assume it was because I was in the presence of Jesus in that Holy Communion Service and it fled. What more proof do we need of Jesus saving us!! Jesus said, “For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them” – (Mathew 18:20). There was a whole congregation there singing to him! There was definitely something in the church that day which got rid of this spirit. That is absolutely AMAZING! Spirits flee in his presence! IT HAS HAPPENED. AMAZING!

I remember walking to work in the mornings and taking my Occult books with me to throw them away in a waste bin at the top of the street, I eventually got rid of them all. I repeated the Lord’s Prayer under my breath all the way to work, for many days afterwards.

The Church of England employs at least one Exorcist in every Diocese in the country. I renounced my involvement with the Occult with the Exorcist in my area. Knelt before the cross, I was anointed with Holy oil blessed by the Archbishop. People laid hands on me and prayed as I read aloud my renouncement. To say sorry to Jesus was very special, and I’m so glad I did this.

I now realize what was beginning to happen to me, and how much worse it could have been, if this spirit had been around any longer, I dare say our house would have become haunted, and heaven knows what it would have made me do.

People who are into any form of Occult practices and think it is safe are nice, well-meaning people, but don’t know they are deceived victims of Satan. You think you are fine, that there’s nothing to worry about . . . . until you try to turn away from it. Then Satan’s demons will show their true colors, start to harass you and want to keep a hold on your soul. These spirits are demonic, and want to destroy your life.

It is not just the truth for me, I am not just one person who has had bad experiences, it is the truth for everyone. I have since read other people’s testimonies who were previously involved in Occult practices, they all say the same thing, they discovered the spirits they were connected to were evil, not our dead relatives at all, and were saved by Jesus Christ.

‘And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve’. . . . . 2 Corinthians 11:14 – 15

Anyone who becomes involved in Occult practices WILL connect themselves to evil entities. You called them up! You’ve called Satan! He will come. I learned how spirit entities have the ability to reveal or conceal themselves, to whoever they choose, wherever they choose, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with, at whatever time they choose. It is dangerous!

I knew Christianity was what I’d been looking for all my life. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”, this struck a chord with me instantly, how fantastic! Knowing Jesus is far more fulfilling than the false spirituality of the Occult. Satan can only provide a limited satisfaction, he does not love you, and is only out to destroy. Jesus brings love. He loves us and wants to transform our lives, he improves our relationships, he gives us strength to deal with our struggles in life, he changes the way we see things, he wants a relationship with us and you begin to see his blessings as you become aware of him working in your life.

I am now a member of a Methodist Church. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever of the existence of God and totally accept our Lord Jesus Christ as our only hope and deliverer from demonic spirits.

God has proved to me he exists, that he is more powerful than evil and that evil spirits flee from him. I have felt the pure, perfect love of God – even before I became a Christian. God is an absolutely pure, powerful, beautiful love with a deep, deep sympathy which totally wipes out all worries, fears and anxieties. I want nothing but God in every part of my life, to devote my life to God, I live every second of every day for him, and always will.

God is the protector of our souls.

Praising him here glorifies him in the heavenly realms.



Do not turn to mediums or seek out Spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God’ . . . . . Leviticus 19:31


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Testimony of “M”

Born to an emotionally abusive father

(who I’m convinced was into the occult,) and a mother who I feel struggled to hold onto Christian beliefs (at the time), the days of my youth were rather troubled. The earliest memory I have would probably be one where he was watching pornography in my mother’s absence and telling me, my little brother, or my little sister to sit on his lap. I believe this is where my problems started. I was subjected to visual sexual abuse by my Dad at the age of five-years-old. I later went and acted out what I saw with my brother and sister, then four and three years old. My Mom caught us in the bathtub acting out and spanked us all. The spanking never cured the problem though. It became worse.

I began to target my Mom and her things only. I would destroy the home as soon as she cleaned it, break down wood of the bunk beds then tell my Mom quietly,

“Somebody broke…the bed upstairs, Mom…”

freedom from masterbuation

Several times my Mom would actually watched me from a distance doing damage, cutting the sofa fabric with kitchen shears and knives, ripping down folded laundry to the floor, only to stand there in awe at the pain of her response as I sheepishly told her a lie of who actually did it. I told her I hated her at one time, went into her closet and smeared ranch dressing all over her good clothes, defecated on the back of her toilet seat in her room that she had just cleaned, and, when I attempted to walk out and pretend I didn’t do it, she walked in and caught me. I was forced to clean it up. Angry, I then went to my own bathroom and smeared more feces all over the walls and sink. I would only smile when I had the opportunity to cause her pain.

My behaviors became more bizarre in nature when my Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. I started to act out terribly as she fought the disease. I became what the teachers called a troubled youth, as I sought to cause much harm by way of conflicts within the area of classroom behavior. I was constantly in the office, trying to get away from a teacher I felt treated me rather badly (I once asked for a replacement homework assignment, and I was the only student in the room. She started screaming at me, saying I lost everything and ruined everything. She picked up a pillow, and threw it at my face full force. She thrust her arm out and told me “HERE!” and gave it to me. I was the only student in the classroom. I later suspected she was a witch.) I started complaining of body ailments, once holding my stomach and screaming that I had breast cancer. I even tried to take my Mom’s cancer medication as I sought to personally identify with her in every aspect of her life. My Mom had no car when the people in the office required her to come and remove me from the office, or for whatever reason. Each time she was always inconvenienced, having just returned tired from chemotherapy infusion, at my being the reason she had to walk six or so blocks to see about me, twice shielded under an umbrella and very slow because of the chemo effect on her muscles.

I also sought to get my brothers and sisters in trouble regularly, cut off my younger sister’s hair while she was asleep because her hair was longer than mine, and lied about everything I thought I could get away with. My Mom once was reduced to painful tears after I lied about her punching my tooth out at y elementary school. A social worker come to where we lived to talk to her. They told her later that the tooth came out naturally and that there was no trauma to the mouth or gums at all indicating a punch in the mouth, as I had reported to my teacher. They suggested my Mom pay more attention to me as opposed to my other siblings. But I found an ability to control my Mom by the incident, until she asked to see the tooth I held as blackmail over her head. She then violently threw it in another direction in anger on the bus we were riding home on. She almost hit a man in the face with it. Then she said, “Now… report that to your teachers, too, hm?” My brothers and sisters began to harshly dislike me and ban me from games and rooms afterwards because of my behavior that caused others so much pain. I later told someone else, less than a month later, that my Mom had taken me to a doctor who burned my arm with a hot iron rod to ‘kill the germs’. My Mom walked in while I was saying this and I immediately ran out of a door to get away after having been caught.

Mom was hurt by the incidents I caused over and over again as I sought continuously to hurt her emotionally, at times physically (ramming shopping carts into her back ankles, and of recent, pulling out her hair on the top in chunks after she asked me to help her brush and style it. When she asked me why I was pulling out her hair strands, I felt as if I were coming out of a trance or something. I had no idea why I had done it. I got up and walked quickly away. I never wanted to brush her hair again after that, I was now so scared of what was occurring in me. It was as if something in me hated her. But I was being told by something that she hated me. But how, I thought?

The years following were terrible. I felt at times like I was switched at birth, or something was wrong with me. I struggled with low self-esteem, overate out of stress, and had soon developed a serious masturbation problem. Throughout my years of struggling to contain my problems in secrecy, I lied often in order to get out of troubles I was said to have caused, without getting punished. Eventually, everyone blamed me for every little thing that went wrong and I was punished for my actions and lying by my Mom, sometimes angrily, to the point of having welts all over where I was hit. This didn’t deter me at all, for as I did things, but didn’t remember them. Mom said that trust was a factor and that, in crossing the level of trust others had in me, I had to regain trust by way of better behavior. She said trust, once lost, is difficult to regain at times. Trust. I wondered what that was at times.

I had also had a strange fascination with the occult, and I wasn’t sure why. Strange thoughts plagued my mind and I saw things that others did not see. I had recurring thoughts of stabbing my mother, and my whole family, as well as sexual thoughts. I constantly saw a Gothic looking girl, who looked like she was dead for a time. She wasn’t an actual person. I stayed mostly around my Dad. Strangely, my Mom later told me that my Dad later informed her that he was into the Goth scene, wearing all black even, when he was a youth in Nigerian and British boarding schools.

Eventually, I really wanted to make my mother love me. I was convinced she hated me (I think I actually asked her straight out one morning if she did… but she denied it.) Sometime later, my mother took me to church along with the rest of my family. I struggled not to fall asleep during the sermon. When it was over, I went up when they asked who wanted to be saved, because I didn’t want to be left alone on the pew, as everyone (I think my whole family — minus my Dad, as he always wanted to stay home) left to talk to church members. They took us into the foyer and onto outside lawn chairs and told us all how Christ died for us. Even my Autistic brother said the sinner’s prayer. I was surprised by all the scriptures they had memorized. I recall telling them,

“I don’t think I’ll ever memorize as many scriptures as you.”

The two of them smiled and gave me a personal King James Bible, brand new. The rest of my family received Christ and Bibles as well, except my Mom. She had already had a relationship with Jesus Christ and several Bibles, too, and could memorize scripture better than other of the church members who lead us to Christ. My Mom had already done so; yet, we did it again that day in front of all. So we started going to this church a bit more and I repeatedly had thoughts rushing into my mind like crazy that were denouncing Christ. I eventually left my Bible alone, under the impression that there were more interesting things to do.

Shortly after closing my Bible, I started seeing more strange things. I saw my cat’s face turn into a sinister face that resembled a man, and something that looked like the grim reaper next to me while I had trouble breathing (This terrified me, and I ended up sleeping on the floor of my parents room). So I went on for years, secretive about my ways.

Eventually, my mother and father separated due to domestic violence by my Dad. Mom sought an Attorney to help deal with the whole ordeal, but soon found that the marriage license was void on its face value, that my Dad had falsified the whole marriage for some 20+ years. Hurt, she had to move forward with her own life, she told us so, but this time with Christ fully involved. I believe God was on her side through it all. He still is today.

My mom got us a place to stay in a domestic violence shelter for women in a secluded area shielded by police and state workers. It was a whole house, and we stayed there for the three months, and as a functional family for the first time. We were really happy. I can remember Mom praying in tongues for guidance every evening, and of placing her Bible beneath the bed before sleeping. One day, my sister crawled under the bed looking for her earphones. She came out with no problems. The next day we moved the bed to find a scorpion sitting quietly beside my Mom’s Bible, tame. God was telling us something that day.

Two days after entering this shelter, Mom received enough money to stand on her own without the help of my Dad. It was while I was there with her watching lovingly over me, my brothers, and sisters that I wondered strongly whether or not God really existed. So, I sat alone, in the bathroom, and said aloud,

“God, if you really exist, can you give me a rash?”

I don’t remember the rest of what I said, but shortly afterward, I had a strange bump on my leg. Then it turned into a circular black flat mark with peeling skin. Eventually, I was covered in them. I had a rash all right, and I wasn’t allowed to touch anything until my Mom figured out what it was. The doctors took a sample and had no clue as to what it was. I was initially diagnosed erroneously with scabies. It wasn’t that at all. I was given antibiotics but was then informed by my Mother that the doctor wanted me to discontinue the medication and come again to see her for a proper diagnosis. A second visit proved futile as well. My mother simply went out and bought an anti-fungal cream and told me to rub it on the marks (I had felt a lot closer to my mother by this time). It then cleared up pretty quick (but there’s still scarring as a testament to the fact that the rash was really there).

After the summer was over, my mother enrolled us in school. I went to school, and I had strange dreams that highlighted every event in every single day for three days straight. I got stuck in a class with a strange teacher who was into the occult. I had a strange attraction to this teacher, and I wasn’t sure why (I recall this creepy teacher trying to hold my hand). The whole time I stayed there, I stayed by myself. The sexual thoughts flooded in again, and I was sure I was going insane.

We moved to another area, after having found a stable home and environment, and my mother enrolled me in a local middle school. I wanted to find God then and now, but I didn’t pick up a Bible to do so. Instead, I picked up a book from among several that said ‘God’ on it that our landladies (Who I found out were hypnotists, lesbians, and New Age and Wicca practitioners) had left with a Bible on top of it in our garage before we moved our things in. Believing that due to the fact it had a Bible on top, I figured it was okay to read. My Mom caught me isolated in my room reading it, inquired what it was, and then told me immediately that it was a book on the occult practice of calling forth spirit guides, that the guy who wrote it sought to get teenagers to open up a door to the demonic forces that later wreaked havoc on my life. Strange, that as I got halfway through the book (I think I got to the part when you called spirit guides), then, Mom walked in immediately to inquire why I was isolated in my room, and I, wanting to impress her, showed her what I was reading. Mom told me what it was all about and that it was witchcraft. I think she told me I should burn it, but instead, I opened the garage door and threw it full force towards the back of the garage.

Now, I had to wait for a school bus stop every morning, where I befriended a short Mexican boy who also waited there in the mornings. He talked mostly about violent video games, and I grew to like him. Then those sexual thoughts again plagued my mind. I hated those thoughts, and didn’t want them to ever come back. I went outside to wait an hour before the bus came, anticipating conversation. I woke up at 3:00 in the morning to get ready for school. Eventually, I made a Christian friend, and I met another guy, who reminded me more of my father. He had friends who were into the occult, and I became convinced he was too. When I went home, I started hearing voices like crazy. The three main voices I heard were my mother’s, my boyfriend’s (who I secretly saw behind my Mom’s back after she told me that I was to have no boyfriends at my age), and my Christian friend’s. I heard familiar voices in general also. Then, I heard one particular voice that wasn’t familiar at all. It sounded like a man. It said things like “I love you”, and I thought it was God. So I found myself saying “I love you too.”

Eventually, this guy I was seeing behind my Mom’s back called me something that hurt me very badly. It was something that my father had called me once: fat *B* (in other words, a pregnant dog) … I, wanting to please him so much (my boyfriend), that I started starving myself to make things right. All the while I was tormented, hearing voices (his voice and the voices of other kids) that insulted me, and that told me that I should just die. I had frequent thoughts of suicide at the time, and I was only 13-years-old at the time. The only thing that had me hanging on, was remembering that God still loved even a person like me, and that His love was unconditional. Eventually, I was shown the effects of anorexia, and what it does to people (I learned it could kill). I was also told it was a demon, and I might have been given Bible scriptures as well. I began eating again, and praying to be healed. I went to lunch with friends, instead of hiding in the library. I started to enjoy life. Without warning, the voices continued. I recall cleaning up around the house, and then being told by a voice (that man voice) that my boyfriend was dating another person. It even told me her name. After many hearing voices screaming they would kill my friend, I went and started calling my friend frantically. I asked her at school later if there were people trying to kill her. She looked at me strangely, and thought I was crazy. One night, I was sleeping in my room (that I had accused my disabled brother of molesting me to get, (Yes, I remember being very manipulative)) and I woke up with a horrible fear. I was too afraid to move. When I finally did move, I saw a man standing over me. His face was terribly sinister, and he leaned over all in one sinister motion. Unexplainable terror filled my heart, and I was paralyzed by fear.

“Satan the Lord…” I squeaked, “Rebuke you in the name of Jesus!”

I cowered with fear. I looked, and the thing seemed to fade away. Then I heard my mother’s voice say: “(Insert my name here), don’t come to me anymore.”

I wondered if God was telling me not to come to Him anymore. That couldn’t possibly be it. God would NEVER EVER do that! I went to my mother, and told her everything that had just happened. She told me to take authority over it and to tell it to get out. I ended up sleeping next to her out of fear. Whether anyone knows it or not, I will state, Satan works through fear.

I continued going to church, and learning more. Eventually, I gained some weight (Now at a healthy weight,) and moved on to high school. The summer before high school, my family started heading to another church. Thoughts crept back into my head and I started thinking lustful thoughts about almost any boy I saw. My Mom was angry at my choice of dress. I wanted tighter and I wanted to reveal too much, she said. I wasn’t sure why. We all got baptized during the revival the church had, and I came out the water “Speaking in tongues”. I couldn’t stop at all, and whenever I opened my mouth, “tongues came out.” I came home singing, and clenched my teeth to make it stop so I could talk. More time passed. I went to high school, and saw the guy I had been seeing behind my mother’s back when students were being enrolled. For the first few days of school, I kept to myself. My boyfriend (now ex-) repeatedly kept trying to get my attention when he was with other girls. He even went to the point of kissing a girl in front of me (In a very suggestive way.)).

I stayed with my friend group from middle school (they were actually rather questionable). Later, I agreed with the things my mother told me to her face, but whirled around and started badmouthing her to my “friends”. I dressed in tight clothing, and hung around with girls who put themselves out there. I started using expletives to fit in and listened to mainstream music. I became someone I didn’t want to be all over again.

Eventually, my mother found out what I was doing because I told her my “friends” said she needed medication. She was terribly hurt by it, and became much stricter with me after the very ‘’friends” I thought I had started to bully me. Seeking to keep me safe from several girls seeking to attack me, she had my older brother chaperoning me back and forth to school. She then questioned me if I lingered behind or came in later than my brother. I would always stop in the restaurant near our house for water (The summers are hot.), and come in to be questioned as to why I was late. I had lost my mother’s trust, she said, when I did what I did in her absence. She said that I had to earn it again.

I felt bad, but continued to hang around homosexuals, and some that used drugs (I mean what people called ‘weed’). I did go to the Christian club after school some, but then I wasn’t allowed to go later by my Mom unless someone went with me as I couldn’t be trusted to go alone, given my recent behavior. I didn’t want to be seen with my older brother, so I ditched the Christian club altogether. Eventually, later in the school year, someone I knew started telling me they were lesbian. They started reading pornography at the lunch table as well. They started talking about sex. I started feeling like something was wrong. Some words my mom had said kept popping up in my head.

“Iron sharpens iron…”

Eventually, I tried to get the lesbian I knew to turn away from it. I got church members from my previous church to help with the scriptures I needed. When she didn’t turn away from homosexuality, I told others in our group (gossiping) about her being a lesbian. One of the people I told went straight to the girl and told her. She was furious. So I went through the rest of the year sheepishly (If that’s the right word). One day, while walking with my druggie friend to another class, I was badmouthing my Mom. She turned to me, her face darkened, and she began to look demonic. Then she said:

“[Insert name], you need to get more into the world.”

I stared at her dumbstruck and went to class. Eventually, my Mom put me in homeschooling and sought psychological diagnosis for what was occurring in me (she later found out I was stalking this guy I had been secretly seeing because he broke up with me. That ‘guy’ turned out to be someone who looked just like him. He had enrolled in another school altogether. But in anger, I sought to get him in trouble with the Principal because he was found kissing some girl. Jealousy I guess…. ).

I stayed home, studying and complaining that it was boring. Then those sexual thoughts got worse. I started to have creepy lesbian thoughts in addition to the other ones. I sat around the house wondering if I was homosexual. I was seriously bothered by it, as I continued to masturbate. Eventually, I looked up on the internet whether it was wrong or not. I felt guilty whenever I did so, so I felt it really was. I picked up a Bible and started doing Bible studies by myself.

One day, I went and sat in the bathroom. After I was done, something was repeatedly telling me to get off the toilet. When I didn’t, I ended up doing the thing I had avoided for a month (or more). Hot tears streamed down my face, and I began to be bombarded with thoughts like “You call yourself a Christian?” and things like that. I stopped reading my Bible because (as ridiculous as it sounds,) I had a fear of rejection. I thought God would reject me for doing that. I also stopped praying.

In homeschooling I grew pretty lonely. Later, I started listening to sermons on the radio and returned to listening to contemporary Christian music as opposed to secular music. Later, my mother took me and my your younger sister to listen to this Pastor (who I listened to on the radio) preach in the high school theater for an Easter service. His name was Pastor Shane Idleman.

Afterwards, we went to a house church that was having service in the back yard while they waited for the purchase of a building in the area. Something was repeatedly telling me to get up and leave, now, because the people were crazy. A while later the woman preaching stared dead at me. I was arguing with my Mom to let me go home by myself, that I knew how to get there alone. My Mom told me to sit down and behave. She then continued to listen to the sermon. This woman giving the message noticed something about me seeking to get away from the power of God. Discerning the spirit I had without me saying a word at an altar call that my Mom literally blocked my path from getting away from then stood behind me to pray as well, this woman then began saying something along the lines of

“Spirit of insecurity, I command you to come out of her!”

There were tons of hands all over me, and I immediately bent to the floor as I felt something tearing out my chest. She then prayed for my Mom, sensing the pain that my Mom had in her spirit. Her prayer seemed to lift my Mom spiritually. Mom was in tears. The woman cast out a few more things out of other people, then was done. I was amazed, asking her how she knew about me.

“If it wasn’t you, then who was it?”

The woman smiled, and pointed up. Ok….

Afterwards, my mother took me to the store and I bought myself a few necklaces with the twenty dollars she paid me for chores. Then, I became self-conscious again; saying stuff like

“Is this stuff that other girls wear?”

A short time later, I was in the hallway, and I yawned while leaving my room. Instantly, it felt like a backwards yawn. I felt like something crawled down my throat. Something was in there, and I wanted it out. So I began praying and doing eight hour fasts. If I tried to fast for a whole day, I would get halfway through and feel like I was being stabbed in the stomach. Once, I promised God I would fast for the whole day, and ended up eating a potato. After the first few bites, I heard a voice say to me, “Do not make promises you cannot keep.” So I continued praying. My Mom had me stay home to watch my disabled brother while she went to the store for groceries. I remembered that my Mom said something about tarrying for the Holy Spirit. I really wanted it. So I sat on the sofa and tarried. I typed the following to my mother in her Facebook inbox:

Mom. I was tarrying…. When I opened my eyes, I was covered in drool and nose runnings. Is that normal?

Mom! I’ve got it!
I started speaking in tongues! It’s not stammering!
All I did was tarry and ask! Now I can’t speak!
Thank you Jesus!

As I was tarrying, my nose started running, my head felt heavy until my nose started running. Then after the snot came out my nose and the spit came out, I had a slightly dry feeling in my throat. I opened my eyes wiped my face off, then went back to it. I started speaking in tongues Mom! It’s 12:00 PM. It sounds kinda like how you do. I heard a voice say “tell your testimony.” I can’t explain how happy I am! All I had to do is ask God. It was given. I can’t even talk! All that comes out right now is tongues after I try to say a few. After all He did say this: (Luke 11:13) If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him? So much Joy, so much happiness. Mom I don’t think you could understand the joy!
The tongues, as I called them came out. My mother discerned that something wasn’t right, that the tongues I seemingly spoke in were somewhat counterfeit. She did not want to blaspheme the Holy Ghost, she said, so she told me she would just watch my fruit, see what became of my infilling. She then told me that in her infilling she spoke in diverse tongues nonstop for three days straight. Sometime later, I started seeing things again. I wrote some of the happenings to my mother as follows:

“I’m writing here so all the details won’t be forgotten. I want to tell something. I was getting ready to take a shower, then I started getting bombarded with strange thoughts and questionable songs popped up in my head. Cursing popped up in there too. I rebuked them, then started trying to think of one of the songs I listen to. It was strange, but when I started singing a song about Christ, I heard a very loud “NO!” I kept singing, louder and louder in the shower. Just then I heard strange things. Whatever it was was growling and screeching things like

” You’re insecure!
You think about sexual things!
You’re religious! What will your friends think?”,

…and other things like that. I rebuked it further and sang even LOUDER. The thing was growling further and further. It said something like

“You’ll end up in Hell anyway!”

I rebuked it some more. After praying, I heard nothingness. So I started listening to music on your laptop while writing my essay. So I might be here when you get back from the dentist. It happened in the back room. That is all.”

I actually remember deliberately leaving out the part where it said

“You masturbate!”

when typing it to her.

I soon began to see a black cat in my room. Nobody else saw it. I told my mom about it and she shared with me some of an audiobook by a guy named C.K. Quarterman. She then told me that he was a demonologist with a group on Facebook.

“Ugh,” I thought, “Who would want to study those hideous things!” I looked at his Facebook page, thinking “This guy might be able to help me….” I clicked the friend button, but then, due to doubt, retracted my request. I saw a spirit standing in front of the mirror, and I heard a voice say “I could make you anorexic again…” I told it “Satan the Lord rebuke you in the name of Jesus!” It stopped talking. I also saw I black thing standing over me when I woke up in the morning. I studied my Bible heavily, learning scripture. I was learning about putting on the armor of God. For the following days I saw a dark spirit getting closer and closer to my bed every few days. I told my Mom about that, too.

One early morning, I woke up because something felt wrong. Immediately, I felt like I was being strangled. My body rocked back and forth, but I was unafraid. I rebuked the devil, and it stopped. I calmly got out of my bed and went to check the time. I believe it was around 4:30 A.M. or so. I told my disabled brother to go to sleep, and went to see about whether I could tell my Mom about it. She was asleep. So I went to sleep and told her in the morning. Later that night (It was around 7:30 P. M.) my little sister came into my room telling me Mom wanted me. I just told her to go ask what Mom wanted me for. I heard my Mom say something along the lines of:

“Tell her to get in here now!”

I got up reluctantly, and Mom said she sent the things I wrote to her to a friend of hers. She wanted me to talk. I looked and saw who I was talking to. Okay, so it was a man by the name of C.K. Quarterman. Then I remembered, “Isn’t this that demonologist guy?” might as well talk to him anyway. So I talked to him, and told him what had been going on with me. The conversation eventually went from an internet conversation to a phone conversation. Eventually, I told them about my masturbation problem. Suddenly, this thing surfaced. They told it to come out of me and I heard a loud scream “NO!” It went on like that for a while, even refusing to reveal its name. I started singing and the thing tried to stop me from saying Jesus. My arms started shaking and the phone was acting up. There were several being cast out. I was being threatened by this demon with physical pain to my body (I’ll punch you in the face! I’ll bang your head on the table (which it had done,)), and physical pain to those close to me (I’ll stab your mother! I’ll ruin your little sister’s surgery! I’ll tear up your house!). Then, I also remember seeing that black cat in my mind, and then….

I started hissing like a cat. Out of my mouth were coming cat noises. My vision went blurry and I felt like I was going to faint. I remember it saying “I am a kitty!” Afterwards, the noises coming from my mouth were cow noises. This thing talked about how Hell was hot, full of maggots, screams, and that Satan beat them. It screamed “I’ll tear up your house!” That was an explanation as to why I tore up things my Mom worked hard to own. It actually said it had tried to kill me via suicide. I believe it also tried to kill me with a long wooden splinter to my throat (My sister broke my bed, and it splintered terribly. I slept on the floor, was dreaming, and then couldn’t breathe so well in the dream. I woke up, and there was a long, sharp, wooden splinter (as big as maybe half a broomstick?) starting to pierce where an Adam’s apple would be on a man. I was shocked, threw it, and slept on a sofa instead.) The demon also stated it had been with me since I was young (that explained my behaviors a ton.). It took four hours to get rid of all of them. It was around 11:30 P.M. in California when we were done. I started remembering Bible scriptures like crazy. I started really speaking in tongues and I felt a great peace. I woke up the next day and I felt like I was being hugged. I was finally free.

I know Satan will try to pull me into bondage again. That is inevitable. But I will stand firm and strong in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I no longer bite my nails, or masturbate. I don’t feel much like anything but reading my Bible now. I don’t really insult my family members anymore. I can focus on God’s Word now. Thank you, Jesus.

Jesus is my Lord and Savior!
He will never leave or forsake me.
And you know what? Now I want to tell people about the one who saved me.
Jesus. Remembering the song my Mom sang: Jesus Loves Me….
Constant Torment.
Unnatural and Evil Thoughts.
It was horrible!
Now I am set free! Praise God!



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