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New Church

I will sign a lease for our first church building tomorrow.

It is in a strip shopping center in the up state of South Carolina. I can give you more details soon. Does anyone know of a business, restaurant, or

CK Quarterman - Author: The American Dream
someone who goes to restaurant and business auctions, that could help us to get some chairs for the new church please?! We figure with the space, without tearing out any walls, we need 30 chairs. It is OK if they do not match. We just need The Lord to please supply a place for the people that He sends our way. Thank you most of all for your prayers!! Anyone wanting to send a donation, please send to by PO Box. 131 Franklin Plaza, PO Box 204, Franklin, NC 28734 we will be using this address until we have the church up and going. This is certainly a work of faith in that Beth and I have decided never to take a salary from the church. We are going to use all offerings in furtherance of the End Time Gospel Message.

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My testimony TP

My testimony:

I was raised in hard circumstances and brought up to believe in a distorted version of Christianity but after years of living in the bondage of sin and being a Luke-warm Christian I finally answered the lord’s call! It wasn’t easy, I kept falling back into temptation because the gift of salvation alone wasn’t enough to rid me of the demons. It was then when my auntie referred me to Casting Out Demons and after being a part of the group for a few weeks, I asked for deliverance. The group was experienced and made me feel welcomed! Now, demon free, I am more at peace and more in tune to the Holy Spirit then ever! In the short time I’ve been a part of this group, I’ve strengthened my faith, brought someone to The Lord , been delivered, and have peace! I pray that many born again , bible believing, spirit filled, Christians find their way here!


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Praise Report “V”

The “short” prayer for my son has had great effect…I did NOT tell him we prayed for him. Randomly today he told me that for the past two days he feels that his mind is more at rest, and his thinking is much more clear!! The prayer may have been short, but was 

powerful. I THEN told him we prayed for him TWO nights ago!!! And told him he can can contact you, if he wants more prayer. I hope he does! Thank you again! Hallelujah

Oh wow

The Lord gave me a prophetic word for someone this week that was right on target–I didn’t realize it was a prophetic word, it just popped into my mind randomly and I mentioned it to the person it was for and she confirmed that it was right on target–I feel that the deliverance prayers from the group and other leading the Lord has been giving me through other ministries, has been cleaning me out to begin moving in gifts to edify others…I felt like I was a stopped up well and now I have faith believing that the Lord is working to clear the pipes so that the living water flows out of me to refresh others….I mentioned that to “A” and she reminded me of the prophetic word you gave…to be honest I had completely forgotten about that word, but am happy “A” reminded me, so I wanted to let you know…and even though I don’t remember everything that was spoken, I receive it all in Jesus name with thanks and praise to Him for allowing it. Thank you again for your prayers!!!

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Another Sign Following

Thank you to the Wednesday call group for allowing me to participate, Wayne.

I would also like to report an unexpected praise report. For several weeks I had been walking with a limp, and even using a crutch for a while. Also my legs were hurting,

especially around the knees and I was walking very slowly and stiffly. Now I had had some improvement over the last few weeks, and had stopped using the crutch, but when I woke up Thursday morning the pain in my legs was gone and I was able to walk normally and still am walking normally. Jesus be praised.

And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen. (Mark 16:20)

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Confirming the Word with Signs Following

The other night we prayed with a mother of a 28 year old for deliverance from oppression, and while we were at it we prayed a prayer with her about her son. We received this testimony today.

The “short” prayer for my son has had great effect…I did NOT tell him we prayed for him.

Praying Woman
Randomly today he told me that for the past two days he feels that his mind is more at rest, and his thinking is much more clear!! The prayer may have been short but was powerful, with everyone in agreement. I THEN told him we prayed for him TWO nights ago!!! and told him he can can contact you if he wants more prayer. I hope he does! Thank you again.

Mark 16:20  And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.


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Deliverance From Talking Demon

This was a spectacular deliverance with Jesus granting freedom. Anyone interested in what a deliverance is like this is one of the more dramatic ones. Most are much simpler.

CK Quarterman - Author: The American Dream

However, to God be the glory for this woman’s deliverance. Please, read our Testimonies page for more real life stories of deliverance.

I wanted to share this because it is a good example of the deliverance part of the ministry. Only The Name of Jesus spoken by a born again Christian can command demonic entities to flee from a person being oppressed by the devil. It is quite difficult to imagine what so many others are going through in The USA and all over the world, when it comes to battles with the darkness of evil. We do not charge for deliverance, as The Lord blessed us through Jesus to help set captives free, and we feel most humbled and blessed to be allowed to see God at work!!! We are also blessed to have a wonderful group that operates as The Body of Christ, through a conference call line. If you or anyone that you know needs help with problems from the darkness of evil, please contact us. We will first spend a little while with you or the person you know, getting to know you by phone or Skype, and then set up a time for the conference call with the warriors (The Body of Christ that I spoke of earlier), where we will pray and help you get freedom through deliverance in Jesus’ All Powerful Name. Please listen to the YouTube call, get in touch with us, and see how The Lord wants to set you free!!! ”


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A typical deliverance process

Now before you read this, I want to tell you that deliverance is a process and not all ministers follow the same steps in the same order.

A typical deliverance process:


The most important part of the deliverance process is finding out what the demons are how the devil is operating and what needs to be done in order to remove the bondage. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit play a very important role in the process. We must rely upon the Gifts of Discerning of Spirits and Words of Knowledge. Tonight during a typical deliverance secession Mrs. “R” had a Word of Knowledge that the demon we were dealing with (Strongman) was asmodeus. I quickly goggled, asmodeus and found that he was a demon of lust and was according to Wikipedia responsible for twisting people’s sexual desires. I had counseled with this gentleman earlier and knew his problem was lust and pornography. I was much delighted to see that the Lord was revealing its name. I therefore called it out. He burst into tears while we dealt with a few minor demons.

I like to educate the person that I am ministering to for a few reasons. First, this allows both of us to understand the process. Second, it teaches them to use the name of Jesus when the devil returns. I like to give them a basic understanding of soul ties, generational curses (what their parents, others, etc. may have done), strongholds, look for occult connections, etc. It is always a good idea to ask the person about their family history to reveal possible generational bondages. Describing how these strongholds grab the person will better help them to understand their own situation. Throughout this process, the Holy Spirit may reveal things or bring to memory things which may need to be addressed by the deliverance team. Throughout this step of the process, you may want to make notes of things that come up which need to be repented of, broken, or torn down. You should have a legal pad full of notes, clues to what spirits need to be cast out.

The next step in the process is going through and breaking up legal grounds though repentance of sins, renouncing ungodly vows, breaking soul ties, renouncing curses and hexes, and breaking generational curses. During this stage, it is quite common to have spirits manifest, so be prepared to cast it out, if needed at this stage. Keep an eye out for the times when the spirits come up, for example, if a spirit surfaces while the person is breaking a soul tie, then you can be pretty sure that it is hanging onto that soul tie and is upset that you’re breaking it. If you pay attention to what steps the person is taking when the spirits come up, it clues you into what kind of spirit you’re dealing with. It is also helpful to stop once in a while and ask how the person feels, if they feel pressure, confusion, pain; it can indicate a spirit that is manifesting. The person should also be able to tell when something has left them.

Taking authority in Jesus’ name, you begin to bind all spirit(s) to themselves in the person and cast them out.


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