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Deliverance From Talking Demon

This was a spectacular deliverance with Jesus granting freedom. Anyone interested in what a deliverance is like this is one of the more dramatic ones. Most are much simpler.

CK Quarterman - Author: The American Dream

However, to God be the glory for this woman’s deliverance. Please, read our Testimonies page for more real life stories of deliverance.

I wanted to share this because it is a good example of the deliverance part of the ministry. Only The Name of Jesus spoken by a born again Christian can command demonic entities to flee from a person being oppressed by the devil. It is quite difficult to imagine what so many others are going through in The USA and all over the world, when it comes to battles with the darkness of evil. We do not charge for deliverance, as The Lord blessed us through Jesus to help set captives free, and we feel most humbled and blessed to be allowed to see God at work!!! We are also blessed to have a wonderful group that operates as The Body of Christ, through a conference call line. If you or anyone that you know needs help with problems from the darkness of evil, please contact us. We will first spend a little while with you or the person you know, getting to know you by phone or Skype, and then set up a time for the conference call with the warriors (The Body of Christ that I spoke of earlier), where we will pray and help you get freedom through deliverance in Jesus’ All Powerful Name. Please listen to the YouTube call, get in touch with us, and see how The Lord wants to set you free!!! ”


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