Autism Demon Cast Out

Dr. CK Quarterman and the deliverance team cast demons from an Autism child this weekend. This is a report we got back today from the boy’s mother. The boy was 9 and high functioning.

T wrote: “Tonight, after “P” was done reading his bible. So the nightly routine is we read the bible, typically “P” fights are complains about it, trying to negotiate school work for bible reading, the last two nights, he has got his bible and sat and read, all on his own,an hour early and spent two hours reading, with out being instructed to, or with out being reminded it is reading time. Last night and tonight he wanted to read to others, last night read to me and grandma, complained, and tonight read to his dad and me, seems now sister has a rouge attitude, :(. He asked when he was done, ……… “P”- “Mom, why do I always feel good inside after reading the bible?” Me-” Why do you think? did you have the same feeling after paying video games?” “P”-” No” ….”I felt empty inside after playing,

unsatisfied.” Me-“So why do you think, or feel it is different when reading the bible?” …”Could it be that the bible satisfies your soul? feeding you Gods word and not the devils?” “P”-” Yes, I have not had the rouge attitude, or any desire or frustrations of wanting to play the video games.” He claims he feels so much better, inside, and about himself. 🙂 One happy momma, and he now wants to pray for his sister, and thinks that a phone call like he had Sunday night will help her. So tonight, “P” wanted to pray for his sister, to call out any demons or spirits, and to rebuke and bind the strong hold/man over her mind so we did, tho she ignored us, and fought a bit. “P” has been great, helpful, loving, sharing, understanding. He now sees what we do for him, where before no matter what we did for him it was not enough, or not good enough, and he was never satisfied, even if it was what he wanted. Today he noticed something, and asked how long I had been doing that for him, and I told him, he said wow, how come I didn’t see it before? so now not only does he hear my I love you’s he sees them too. God is so good, all the time. Thank You Father, Thank You Jesus, Thank You Holy Spirit.”


Just spoke with mother. The child is continuing to do very well!


Parker giving a bible reading, he is telling the story about “legion” when Jesus cast out the demons from the man, casting them into a herd of pigs. He also learned that “Jesus” means God saves, and Peter is rock in Greek …… He is so excited to read and learn now

thanks to my brothers and sisters Kim Quarterman, Beth McDonald Quarterman, Maureen Weaver, Jeannie Grace, for the phone call Sunday night And everyone else thank you for helping me …… Prayers from all of my other sisters, this is proof that sometimes it takes more then 1 or 2 people and prayer and fasting Praise God !!!!