Carrie Young/ Testimony

Hi Dr. Quarterman,
I have prepared a written testimony. God, through your team has blessed my life!
Since talking and praying with you and your team over the phone, my life has improved and my relationship with God has become much stronger. Thanks to your prophetic words of knowledge I have a new understanding of my calling for God. I have been told that I have a glow when I smile now (from several people). I started 2 bible college leadership

classes. I have a greater sense of joy and happiness in my life. God has also opened my spiritual eyes, and therefore given me revelations and visions. I understand and see things in a way other people don’t, and I believe its also because I have completely surrendered everything to God. I also start serving in the youth group at church soon. I was told not to look for my future husband and that he will come to me. The very next day an old boyfriend contacted me and we have re-established our friendship and go to church together every week. I believe that through healing and deliverance opens the door to knowing God on a deeper level. By obeying, forgiving and pursuing God, this activates the power of God! So I thank Dr. Quarterman and his team for praying for me and prophesying over my life. It has dramatically changed my perspective on the things of God, and has produced joy, and a vision and determination to Serve God.
God Bless you!
Carrie young