New Teeth for Tara Love

Did you know that GOD is a dentist? LOL. not something that you would think of , right? well, i found out tonight first hand that GOD can and will grow back broken teeth, if you pray with the right group of prayer warriors and have enough faith in JESUS and HIS FATHER, JEHOVAH, nothing is impossible. i was praying with my friends tonight, and they

prayed for my teeth. Over the years i have had a lot of wear and tear on my teeth due to being sick from pregnancy (51/2months 24/7 throwing up that ate my enamel right off my teeth.), then all the throwing up from my migraines and pain,. Teeth can only take so much. and being way below the 250% poverty line does not allow for good insurance, so my teeth had run their course. i was so ready to have them all pulled. BUT…tonight when i got off the conference call, and i showed my daughter also, and she was totally shocked….my one tooth that was broken ALL THE WAY TO THE GUM, had been almost all the way RESTORED!!! and the rest of my teeth are slowly restoring by GOD’s hand!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! GOD bless you all and much love!!!

GOD IS SO AMAZING!! HE is still in the miracle business!! i keep running my tongue over my teeth…i cannot believe it!! it is so AMAZING!! BLESSED BE THE NAME OF THE LORD FOR EVER!!

I still am so amazed at the workings of GODs goodness and at HIS LOVE!! HE is growing my broken teeth back! Sorry to keep on about it!! I am so humbled by HIS LOVE! GOD BLESS you SIS! And GOD, please in the name of JESUS.