Tara Love – Healed of Lupus

I had suffered in pain with what was diagnosed as “lupus” since i was about 17. That was when i got the diagnosis, but I had been in pain my whole entire life. and I PRAISE THE LORD that GOD made my path cross CK Quarterman”s because of his knowledge of things, and of the SPIRIT of GOD that this man has with him, I HAVE COMPLETELY DELIVERED

FROM MY LUPUS!! GOD IS SO GOOD!! i PRAISE GOD for this delivery! I have been healed of many things, but this last thing just kept on lingering. I had done everything i could think of…..praying, standing on the WORD of GOD, being prayed for, everything, and nothing would budge it, until i tried a different tactic! and thank GOD it worked!! and we were shocked that LUPUS was a demonic spirit!! but i am so glad it is gone, in the name of JESUS!! amen!!!