Curse Removed

Connie wrote: “Great post! Speaking of the Plymouth Brethren, let me tell you about a curse on them that God revealed to me. I was raised and baptized into this movement from infancy and left it when I was 19 years old. Two years ago I began the practice of renouncing generational curses on myself and my family. I renounced everything I could think of, but I continued to be visited by demonic apparitions. They even began appearing during the daytime as well as at night. In desperation I cried to the Lord over the next 3 days, asking him to reveal to me any curses that I was unaware of so I could renounce

them and free myself. During that time I was also engulfed in reading about Aleister Crowley, who was also raised in the Plymouth Brethren. His father was an “elder” just like mine. Crowley also left the movement when he was a teenager. He loved his devout father dearly but hated his mother, who was hypocritical and abusive. After 3 days God revealed to me that Crowley had put a curse on the

Plymouth Brethren after his father died. This revelation came like a bolt of lightning to my soul. (I believe this curse was directed at his mother as much as at the Plymouth Brethren in general). I then renounced this Crowley curse from my life. After I said the last words of renunciation, I saw what looked like a large grey blanket rising upward from my head and into the air (it was rippling as if alive and it scared me). Underneath the four corners of the “blanket” there were four wooden stakes (looked like cedar) that seemed to be propelling the blanket up into the air, but they were not touching the blanket. There was 2-3 inches of air in between the wood and the “blanket.” The entire apparatus continued to rise up above my head until it disappeared. As it ascended, I felt the curse lift off me and disappear with it!! I felt as if a great weight had been lifted from me and I collapsed in relief. I believe the “blanket” was the physical manifestation of the curse, but what did the cedar posts represent? This experience was so amazing!! Ever since that moment, I have not been visited by any demons, for which I am very thankful.”