Testimony of John Lee

My Testimony of Deliverance

Dr. CK Quarterman and his group all meet with me on the phone at 9:00pm. I was really nervous and anxious (note: everyone is at this point). I had been worshiping and praying all day, plus i had been praying pretty hard all week, since Monday. I stopped smoking also on Monday- Praise Jesus! Sorry, I forgot the team members names, but they were all nice and friendly. Dr. Ck asked one of the men (Author Rev, Wayne O Connor) to start the deliverance prayer. I was asked to repeat after him, but half way through I started weeping

and feeling sorry and ashamed of all the sin I had done. Then I was told to sit down. Dr, CK started praying and asking the demons to say their name, but I think they were scared of Dr. CK and his team. It somehow knew it was getting close to the time it would have to leave and find a new body to live through. Dr. Ck started getting mad at the demons and he even laughed at the demons because they were scared.

I started to hear whispering in my ear. It was pretty creepy, but I still couldn’t make out what it was saying in my ear. This demon was wrapped around my spinal cord (demon-  kundalini spirit “from asking it in from meditation”) and didn’t want to let go. Finally7 after a long time I felt it come up my back and stop. Again Dr. CK and the team kept at it, telling it to come out, and telling me to cough at the same time they used the name of Jesus as my act of faith. Finally I felt weird in my back and top of my head, Dr. CK even saw a demon (sometimes they will try attacking the deliverance minister). The doctor asked me to pray in tongues after the demon left, I couldn’t so he said repeat after me. I did and started speaking in tongues too. So all of us spoke in tongues and worshiped. Then one of the team members (prophecy personal) said I would do good works helping others and bringing people to a saving knowledge of Christ. This made me feel very good! Dr, CK asked me to pray in tongues every day and to write my testimony. I left feeling all tingly and light headed. I thanked everyone for their hard work and prayers and said good bye.

I went to bed worshiping and thanking the Lord. As I listened to the music (Arms that hold the universe by 33 miles today) I began to cry because this was all the proof I needed to know that I had received the Gift of the Holy Spirit (Baptism of Holy Spirit).