Testimony of Li

Thank you for the time you and Beth have spent on the phone ministering deliverance. When I first came to Christ I was very dark spiritually to the point where I had been threatened by the blackest witches coven in London. Also by historical Freemasonary and threatened by police freemasonary after challenging the police because of false    

allegations. My deliverance has taken nearly 10 years to complete.
It started with the prayer of absolution when I started to practice witchcraft and nearly became a practicing witch. However the Lord pulled me out. However because I refused to join the coven I was threatened with my life to be destroyed. That I owed this woman £340,000 which was rubbish. I was so scared of her that she would tell me the grim reaper was standing behind my bed and that I could only leave my bed to the path she had lit to the ladies toilet or restroom.
When I gave my life to Christ I started on a path of deliverance. The first deliverance was carried out by the Rev John Ryeland and Sarah a Chaplin and Johns wife Gillian. I have been going to them for nearly 10 years now. Other deliverance I have had has come from Ellel ministries from a weekend and personal appointments and phone ministry from them. Catch the fire church which is my current church, my former church Ealing Christian center, Mr Bob Adams.
I have had caste out of me every form of witchcraft you can imagine. From death spells to coffin and black magic, necromancy. Every spell imaginable had been caste out of me. I had to go for about 12 deliverance sessions of freemasonary. I have had nests of demons caste out. I have had Jezebel caste out. Demons caste out of my bones. All ancestral demons caste out all the way back to Adam and Eve.
Another deliverance  Zozo was cast out. Some sessions last up to 5 hours or more. In those I had Kalundai spirit of yoga cast out of me. So those sessions alone lasted about 25 hours altogether and even to this day I am still close friends with the pastors who carried out all of this deliverance.
It was when I when I started talking to Lou Comunale from Matt Sorger ministries that put me on to Dr Ck Quarterman ministries. Through this any straggly bits left over Dr Ck and Beth Quarterman went over things with a fine tooth comb. As tonight I had other spirits coming out which included Jezebel and leviathan. One remarkable comment a few months ago from Beth’s comments asking me did I ever own a purple yoga mat. I was WOW how could she know this, I had that mat in early 2000 nearly 15 years ago and had got rid of it. I live on London and the Quarterman’s live in US so it was most definitely the Spirit of God speaking through this them. Because that mat was put in the bin years ago and long forgotten.
However even though there has been years and years of deliverance. After each deliverance session I have had to study my bible, attend bible school, listen, read and chew on scriptures and recite them without looking at the bible, fall sleep listening to Hebrew Scriptures and soaking music by artists such as Julie True and Grace Williams. Even buying Sid Roths teachings. It’s seeing deliverance right from the throne room of God, that Jesus is removing all the yuck and junk. But when the soil has been cleaned out of all its weeds. Making sure that seeds of teaching, listening, learning, clinging to the prayer shawl of Jesus and letting the fruit come.
The result of all of this is seeing my prayers answered instantly and carrying a heavy anointing to deliver others from freemasonary and witchcraft and as I come to Dr CK and Beth Quarterman to have the most difficult stubborn demons caste out. Satan finally knows his game is up, I myself get asked to pray deliverance over others.
I have to be careful now because the depth of my deliverance, because when I pray it’s best to carry your sick bucket because the power of God working in me has caused demonized people to throw up. Not just once but several times and when I lay hands on people they collapse under the power of the annoying.
So yes deliverance is worth it……never give up and keep walking on that narrow road.

God bless