Carey Long’s Testimony

I began working with Dr. C.K. Quarterman’s Deliverance Ministry after many years of suffering physically and being tormented by demonic dreams. Saying Jesus’s Name didn’t help and I went through 6 surgeries within several years, most of which were problems no one else in my maternal or paternal families had suffered. I felt alone and worthless because I had no energy and experienced so much pain. I started juicing fruits and vegetables several years ago after one severe episode in which I couldn’t get out of bed all weekend. I saw the movie, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and couldn’t even watch the entire thing in one setting. Determined I began juicing the next day and my body did a lot of healing however I still struggled with joint pain and low energy.
I quit eating all processed foods and lowered my carbohydrates significantly which afforded me to finally lose weight and do more walking.
Over several months after I started helping with people’s deliverances, I noticed I was not hurting anymore. I told the group that I believed I was healed and could finally walk like I wasn’t 90. I can once again eat anything although I continue to make more healthy choices. After we had a vacation break and loss of deliverance activity for two weeks, I awoke in pain once again. After reminding myself we had a deliverance planned that night, the pain left. My spiritual life has strengthened tremendously and I’ve enjoyed helping people again!