Healing of Cancer

Dear Pastor

To refresh your memory; I called you looking for a prayer circle to pray for my brother-in law, and that it had been pressed upon me from the Holy Spirit to call you; He has kidney cancer and days before I called you he was rushed to the hospital after a seizure and was diagnosed with a large frontal tumor and three smaller ones to the back…. you led us in

prayer the night before his surgery and asked that the tumors be dissolved ( turned to mush, were your exact words), and that he be delivered from the tormentors! And that is exactly what they found when they opened him up to remove the large one!!!!!!!!!!! They were in amazement of how the tumor was eating itself and all they found was mush!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now Pastor…….I give all Praise and Glory first to Our Heavenly Father and His Son our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and to The Holy Spirit……but I needed you that night for a reason, though I was looking for a prayer circle the size of the Carolinas, I learned that was not necessary….two or more in the name Jesus! You see, I felt God was not hearing me….you asked if I had prayed for Donald, and I said yes, till my head hurt! Well it wasn’t until I listened to your blogtalk hour on forgiveness a few days ago and it hit me like a ton of bricks…………God was not listening to me, He hid His face from me…WHY, because I was not forgiving someone! My aunt had died days before Donalds’ seizure and she had been in hosp for weeks and no one would let me talk to her because she was so ill ( favorite aunt) and she passed. I was so angry at my cousin for keeping me from talking to her, that i swore I’d never forgive her….I was just full of anger! and here I was praying for Donald…………well, no wonder the Holy Spirit had me call you……lol…..He knew I could not get thru!!!!!!!! Well I ran to repentance on that one and will never in my life forget that lesson on forgiveness…..thank you from the bottom of my heart!

God has blessed your ministry!


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