This testimony came from a young woman not yet thirty. She is married, but being attacked a night by an


She sees this demon while it attempts to spread her legs to have sex with her. Her legs tremble as he touches her. She has experienced this and seen many demons. Perhaps this came in while she played with a Ouija board, did levitation, or spells. She complains mostly of cutting herself and drinking binges. She has what we have found to be create generational curses, she is American Indian. Her father committed suicide, while her mother was later murdered. She tells us she has been diagnosed with DID, and Dissociative Disorder and is on heavy medication. The young woman not yet thirty had an abortion at seventeen. However, the most surprising revelation was that she participated in bestiality even through her adult years, after being raped at four years of age. Here are her own words:

I spent my whole life is bondage, cutting, pre-martial sex, lost, and confused unable to know who I was and I have freedom now nobody can ever tell you what it feels like to be completely free unless they have been SO bound like I was, I thought I was gonna die and God has given me life. Thank you for your help. I will never be the same. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I was gonna die. Literally. Thank you for your help.

Our group with Dr. CK Quarterman prayed with this young girl and encouraged her in the Lord. The Lord did have a very strong prophecy stating He wanted to use her as a warrior.



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