Testimony from “TD”

Great Testimony from TD:

My testimony: I was raised in hard circumstances and brought up to believe in a distorted version of Christianity but after years of living in the bondage of sin and being a Luke-warm Christian I finally answered the lord’s call! It wasn’t easy, I kept falling back into temptation because the gift of salvation alone wasn’t enough to rid me of the demons. It was then

when my auntie referred me to Casting Out Demons and after being a part of the group for a few weeks, I asked for deliverance. The group was experienced and made me feel welcomed! Now, demon free, I am more at peace and more in tune to the Holy Spirit then ever! In the short time I’ve been a part of this group, I’ve strengthened my faith, brought someone to The Lord , been delivered, and have peace! I pray that many born again , bible believing, spirit filled, Christians find their way here!

Hello, since the deliverance a few weeks ago God has been with me, fought for me and moved me, healed me and held me accountable. It hasn’t been smooth sailing, I’ve had the enemy try and oppress me in my dreams and in life, tempt me. And although I have fallen to temptation and make mistakes, I have since learned the valuable lesson that I need to rely more on God and his strength then my own. I have also been planting seeds of salvation through Jesus in people. I have been vocal in my community and been standing for righteousness and truth even, if I’ve stood alone. I have been learning so much about Jesus and the church (body of Christ) and I’ve only just started my walk with HIM. My faith grows stronger each day and as I overcome obstacles and been tested. I will keep testifying the gospel of Jesus Christ! Thank you and to The Lord all the glory!!

Follow Up:

Oh how far has our generation fallen without god as our first priority. But we are not without hope that is the body of Christ. We as born again spirit filled followers of Christ are called to be the salt of the earth. If you’re not being attacked and ridiculed, you’re not preaching the gospel properly! Satan would have you believe the lie that there is so much moral corruption and evil so prevalent what can YOU, one person possibly do? You can’t stop evil, it’s too powerful! Too that you say “my god is a mighty god! And with him, ALL things ARE possible!!!” So what is it people? Are you going to keep your head down and hope things get better? Or are you going to accept and follow our only saviour in Jesus Christ, be the salt if the earth, the light in the darkness. Stand for truth and righteousness, even if you stand alone? It won’t be an easy life, but life wasn’t meant to be easy. You were meant to develope a relationship with your saviour, overcoming obstacles TOGETHER. Share the gospel of Jesus Christ, love him and your neighbours. YOU are the body of Christ and people should look at you and see HIM! Again I ask, what will it be? Each day is a blessing from The Lord, PLEASE, I implore you, DON’T waste it! Jesus loves you!


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