Testimony of “AW”

I come from a 7th day Adventist(cult) background.

I never believed in God until I was in my 3rd year in the navy at about 22 years of age. I gave

my life to Christ when I began to ask Him to show me my enemy if he is real and if Jesus the Christ is real. God showed me who satan is and how his fallen kingdom operates and later introduced me to His Son Jesus Christ through my patrol partner who was also a pastor off duty. I began to realize that there was a staggering number of secret societies operating from within the navy and the military as a whole. My eyes were opened to the spiritual side of this world and i began to see all the occult stuff everywhere. A spirit of fear came onto me and stayed with me for a time after until my faith grew in Christ. I would wake up above my bed to be slammed back into it, tv turns on and plays a movie that wasnt in there at around 3am. I once woke up to see 2 dark tall figures in my room that upon seeing them i was paralyzed and could not move at all, ive had sleep paralysis happen to me before so i began to blink my eyes to make sure i was awake and try to wiggle my toes and fingers to wake the rest of my body, I heard a voice tell me that 2 demons were sent to collect me and that i needed to pray immediately, I tried to pray but only the sound of air moving through my vocal chords could be heard so i prayed that God would restore my vocal chords and face muscles to effectively pray openly. In that moment my throat and face began to heat up and I commanded those demons in the name of Jesus Christ to leave my presence forever, what happened next was so insane it is hard for me to believe even now what i was allowed to see. I watched the 2 dark figures shape shift into a low glowing light of blue and white, open a portal and with rays of light that did not shine outward but shined to a point and disappeared, then immediately i broke out of the paralysis and turned on the lights. I knew there was no turning back to my old self enslaved to sin. I KNEW in that moment that from then on Jesus Christ is ALL powerful and that big ugly demons run like scared dogs just by the mentioning of His name! I’ve had many spiritual encounters since then but i only want to mention the few that really matter in my opinion in helping others gain a clear understanding of how our lives have two sides, Spiritual and Physical. Understanding this will help you on your walk to Christ and with Him for the remainder of your existence in this realm(earth).

Anyway, after all of those encounters God sent me brothers in Christ and called me out of the navy and later out of adventism which i went back to briefly because it was all i knew at the time. I left adventism and began to church hop with my brothers until we found a non denominational church that finally preached repentance of sin and Jesus Christ and Him crucified and what that means to ALL believers and non believers; no unbiblical doctrines.

I was re baptized, this time in the name of the Father(YAWEH) Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit. The devil came at me full force by digging up my past sins and addictions and trying to get me to be the fornicator, alcoholic, depressed, hateful, perverted person i use to be. I asked to be delivered, so far it has been a week and this is what was happening leading up to the deliverance day: I got a fever, my car broke down, one of my friends freaked out on me randomly, i almost stopped going to a ministry class, I stopped praying, stopped reading the bible, i was hiding my faith in Christ, i lost all hope, and the old man came knocking on the door harder than ever… I decided to be delivered and that night I received the most bizarre and possibly prophetic dream i have ever had in my life. It seems that God had put my body, mind and soul into a state of fasting. It is now very difficult to naturally want sin, my addiction was a spirit and was totally cast away from me in Jesus name. I can feel the freedom that I once felt before. It is actually quite difficult for me to naturally fall into my addictions, my mind body and soul just no longer recognizes it as an option lol. I can’t wait to see what else God has done!



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