Testimony of “D”

Demonic oppression and Generational Curses are real.

Although I have not physically visualized any demons, I have experienced first-hand how they wreak havoc upon the lives of those who are under their bondage. My life was previously one that spun out of control due to “open doors” that gave demons their rights to attach themselves to my family members as well as to me. Those “open doors,” also called “portals”, sometimes resulted from lack of knowledge concerning knowing what is

right and wrong, while others developed out of our own free-will in doing things that we clearly knew were not within God’s will. I was raised in a family that is like most families; some members serve Jesus and some do not. As for me, I half-heartedly served the Lord during my younger years and sometimes not at all. I never felt fully freed by his love, mercy and grace until a few years ago. Perhaps that was due to the lingering Generational Curses and portals that remained open for so long and allowed demons access to me.

Looking back, I realize that my real troubles began after first being molested by my first step-father when I was 5-years old, then raped by two males at 11 years-old and molested by other individuals, including throughout my teenage years. My mother and biological father were alcoholics who neglected me during most of my childhood. I even had to endure a curse that had been put upon me via a relative who “prayed” that my ears would get infected if I wore earrings; that curse had previously made it impossible for me to put jewelry on my ears as such contact caused my earlobes to fester with green puss right away. Admittedly, after experiencing those sexual attacks, parent neglect, and a prayer to curse me, I lost respect for myself, everything, and everyone. I also lost trust in other people. I subsequently followed the same steps of some of my relatives. I repeatedly used drugs and alcohol in order to try and ease my suffering, which realistically only resulted in additional demon oppression. I spiraled out of control to the point that I let everyone else control me in whatever manner they chose, including being promiscuous with many men, getting involved plus addicted to pornography, and allowing the father of my first child to convince me into aborting it. Committing that murder drove me to hating myself more than anything else I had ever done in my life. Living such a “wild life” resulted in me having suicidal demonic attacks that attempted to make me kill myself but I could not surrender to doing it. I believed that if I held on to my life, I would eventually be delivered somehow and someway as I had faith that despite all my sinful actions, Jesus would forgive me and someday give me a meaningful life that would manifest his glory.

Even though I was taught to live a Christian life and about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I was not educated about Generational Curses or the fact that they could be some of the reasons why I remained in evil bondage for so long. A friend finally told me a few years ago about Generational Curses. His revelation of them gave me a new understanding of why my life had previously been so out of control and seemed hopeless most of the time, despite that I really wanted to serve God and only him. I immediately became excited as I sensed that I would be able to fully serve the Lord in the manner that he desired and be delivered from bondage by humbly repenting as well as breaking the curses, in His name, along with cast out the demons that oppressed me. I instantly repented of my sins and fully committed my life to serving Jesus. I then began the process of doing Generational Curse Prayers in order to become free from those curses as well as the demons that had bound me for most of my life. Taking this action delivered me from all those demonic oppressions and Generational Curses that previously tortured me! I praise God for being my deliverer and giving me a new chance to serve Him in the manner that He desires! All the glory belongs to Him! I am eternally grateful to Jesus for being my Savior! If you need deliverance, I strongly encourage you to receive it through Jesus in the same manner that I did! You will not regret it! What is stopping you from being all that you can be for Him?


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