Testimony of “K”

And they overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb, and by the Word of their Testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

The first thing that came to mind, was my first prayers in asking God to teach me about
spiritual warfare. I confessed that I did not understand James 5:16. “Confess your faults one to another; that you may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.”   I told the Lord, that I did not know how to do that second part? I believe He answered, “Heartfelt.”  At that time I kept thinking about my best friend that had married, had children and moved far away.  I began to pray for her with all my heart and also I had prayed in the Holy Spirit in the Gift of Tongues.  Suddenly, I had a brief vision!  Therein I clearly beheld a baby food jar!  I felt prompted to call my friend.  I hesitated.  It would be waking a young, working family up in the middle of the night!  I thought of several excuses to not call. Finally, I was utterly convicted that I had heard from God and that I needed to obey Him! I went and I called my friend.  To my utter surprise, she was up and just about to feed her daughter! WOW GOD!  I couldn’t get the words out fast enough, as to what The Lord had just done!  As I spoke, we both began to cry, and then we both began to praise God!  Within the quietness of her household, my friend was just about shouting in the volume of her words! She stated, that she was just about half asleep, and just about to feed their little girl. She said, “If you would not have obeyed God, I would have never looked at this jar and noticed the expiration date!”  She said that they had needed to save money and went shopping at some kind of bargain wholesale place.  The baby food jar was not only expired, it was overly expired by several months!  She rushed through the kitchen and searched through everything they had purchased.  Most of the other food was seemingly fine.   We both learned that God tenderly loves and cares so deeply! We learned then as baby Christians, that God requires LOVE! He looks upon the earnestness  of the heart and moves to heal and rescue through the Fruit of His Love and Compassion!
Some months later, another friend, named Barbara had called. She was so broken! She had just found out that her youngest son had been killed!  I told her we need to go to Prayer now! I asked if she would be able for me to come and pick her up?  Barbara wanted that, and  I rushed to her home.  After we were both together in the car, I asked if she wanted to go to a prayer meeting?  She did! Our emotions were far past any words that we could speak. We simply prayed in The Spirit, and cried out to God during that whole drive.  We got to the church and up to the doors.  There I had sensed such an urgency within her; but I felt an extreme hesitation?  After a moment of waiting upon the Lord, we both ventured within the sanctuary.  This was a large congregation. The building was typically overflowing with people. This day was dramatically different. The atmosphere seemed radically changed to me. There was a hand full of people standing in there up by the altar.  As we walk up the aisle, My gaze was held upon one women, whom was standing next to the pastors wife.  I believe the Lord, spoke and showed me that she was a witch! Emotions all the more were flooding my soul!  I went ahead and introduced Barbara and explained simply the tragedy that had just occurred.  The pastor’s wife and others took her and preciously ministered to my friend.  This woman that had concerned me, stayed by me however. As I stood there, I had realized that I had seen her before.  She had actually been to church many times and she always sat on the front pew, next to the “first lady!” She came very close, unusually close and oddly introduced herself as the Pastor’s wife‘s best friend?  We both looked away towards the others whom were praying several yards away from us.  We looked back at one another as well. Next, this woman, loudly said she was going to give me a hug! She did, like a death grip! She held me absolutely tight, right up next to her, as hard as she possibly could! She carried a small, purse size Gideon’s New Testament that was opened to the Psalms. She looked at the Book as though she were reading the Verses. Whatever she was mumbling however, was clearly demonic, crushing and piercing my spirit! Just as genuine Christians,  strongly feel the Presence of God’s Holy Spirit beautifully bubbling up & burning within them; this was true of what happening in my spirit but in the exact opposite way!  Instead of Joy & Power, I felt  a sharp quenching pain.  Suddenly I remembered Verses from the Book of Jude!  I forcefully whispered back into her ear, to that spirit, “THE LORD REBUKE YOU SATAN!”   Instantly! Instantly that women threw her arms open and she quickly backed up!  I left her and walked over to the prayers for my friend.  Soon, Barbara & I left.  On our way out, that woman literally yelled across the church, “WE will be watching you!”  I went ahead and told Barbara the whole situation.  Later that evening after we were both back in our own homes, we were again praying together on the phone.  While we were praying for her family, that SAME spirit tried to attack me again! I rebuke it again and it left.  We were both young Christians in the Lord. We learned from these hard and cruel situations, that THERE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS!  From that day onward, our prayers  together were often simply,  saying, crying and singing the Awesome Name of Jesus!!!!  Barbara testified, that in saying the Name of Jesus Christ, that God elevated her above her circumstances and gave her His Peace that surpassed ALL understanding!  Amen & Amen!  Glory to The Name of Jesus!!!!


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