Testimony of “KP”

Its time for us Christians who have wholeheartedly committed our lives to fulfilling Gods will for us, trusting and following Our Lord completely…

To get to work by making an impact with others…A Prime example is to follow in the footsteps of our fellow Christian, Leader, Teacher, Demon Chaser and True Friend, Dr. CK Quarterman ( while simultaneously eating the dust behind his trail..LOL ) by taking Action and witnessing to anyone and everyone the good news of having a personal eternal relationship with Jesus Christ.. Dr. CK Quarterman is a prime example of a True Shepherd of our Lord..as I read earlier and mentioned to him..” A True Shepherd of Our Lord is someone who doesn’t just show the way..It is Someone that is Actually LEADING the way!!” . We all know us humans learn by example and that’s what we need to do.. That’s what God wants us to do Now!!

Sharing the sinners salvation prayer and SAVING lives one at a time… Thus ” Hope For America ” !! Great video(s)…and vital material for the foundation of Christianity as well as Life’s Challenges along with many supporting Bible verses..as Jesus is our Rock, our foundation !!

We need to Stand proud and make a difference especially during these troublesome days!!
Prior to posting this, as I was praying, I asked our Lord to please give me words that would speak to All of us/Encourage us…as we have NOTHING to fear..we know our Lord will never forsake us and is always by our side !! I received an amazing scripture which I believe speaks very clearly to All of us Christians willing to stir up some dust in our tracks ..Witnessing and Saving Lives….Like  Dr. CK Quarterman , not to mention making our Father God Proud…


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