Testimony of “Mark”

I first heard of Dr. CK Quarterman when I was having a bad day –

one of many that, quite frankly I had become somewhat accustomed to. Having been born again four years prior I had set myself the task of finding a group that could teach me

about demons and how they can affect and infect people, in the process I came upon Dr Kim’s Facebook page and applied to join. Thankfully my request was granted and within ten to fifteen minutes I received a message from somebody named Kim Quarterman.  At the time I was unaware that the page I had just joined was created and owned by him so I asked where I knew him from and he responded politely with the information that this was his page and he asked me how I was and after discussing my problems he offered to assist by inviting me to a Skype call where he and his prayer group would attempt to release myself and my family from any demonic infestation. It was incredible – the timing, his specific skill-set, his genuine care for my issues and his open ears ready to deal with whatever I was going through – it truly was God’s will that I encountered him that day. I was at the bottom of a pit of despair that no amount of prescription and non prescription drugs, counseling, psychologists, psychiatrists, well wishers, friends and family could pull me out of.
I had been suffering depression for many years and was constantly haunted by thoughts that I had come to realize did not originate from me. Before being born again I had started my life in Australia born to a catholic mother and an atheist father, I received the sacraments of first confession, holy communion but had become disillusioned by the very concept of God and Jesus and before my confirmation I rebelled against Catholicism because of sexual abuse at the hands of two priests during my childhood and also from various relatives and friends of the family growing up.

Feeling my life was worthless and the existence of God to be nothing but fairy tales for the weak and as a tool for pedophile priests to manipulate the young, old and vulnerable, I found myself during my adolescent years attracted to the occult and alternate philosophies and religions. Even though I had seen some very strange things over the years such as living in a house that could be described in no other way than haunted, sleepwalking only at this particular house and calamity in my life which was my personal gift from the devil himself, I couldn’t believe that if God was real he loved me anyway.

As a catholic I had become accustomed as a child to reciting various prayers such as the hail Mary, which I now know to be idolatry but had led me to sin against God without my knowledge. This was one of the many sins I had committed, though during my adolescence I had no concern for repentance or for mending my ways – indeed I believed there was nothing wrong with my ways and if God had a problem with that I didn’t care, I reveled in myself and my sins. When I was 13 I had started listening to death metal and found myself at every opportunity I could find disrespecting God and the church that he had supposedly created, I rebelled by drawing pentagrams everywhere, screaming hail satan, cursing the Holy Spirit, idolizing violence, lust and all forms of sin – though I was honestly never happy despite decent grades, above average looks and loads of potential. I didn’t realize I had helped the devil into my life by my lack of faith and by willfully sinning. Despite all the positives in my life, I never lived up to others’ expectations of me and I myself had no pride or feelings of worth in anything I did.

Over the years I had come to question my choices and started asking myself if God does exist – to me the universe seemed like, it must have a creator and the very miracle of life itself was testament to that.

Now I had faith that there was a God, but with Christianity having been tainted by my negative experiences with Catholicism I searched elsewhere. I personally studied, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Islam, Shamanism, Wicca, Sikhism and just about every other variant of religion I could find.

After swallowing my bitter pride I found myself studying Christianity and as soon as I had learned about the protestant reformation my faith in Jesus started to rise. After much soul searching and reading of the scriptures combined with prayer I had found that Jesus truly is my personal savior though I had lots of sin and consequences to work through.

It is when Dr. CK Quarterman came into my life, seemingly by accident or coincidence (by now I had learned that this meeting was no mere coincidence) my faith in God and my willingness to repent had grown to a new level. At the time of the prayer session/deliverance he asked me many personal questions so that he could tailor the session to my specific needs. I found myself saying ‘Baal’ when asked if any impressions come to mind. The prayers from he and his group were powerful, I had been prayed over before and this was different. A member of the group suggested that there were still some occult objects in my house and to my amazement, my wife had indeed found some left over occult items weeks later that were acting as a doorway for the evil one to act on my life.

The prayer session itself lasted about one hour but the results keep coming, I feel more free now than I have for many years(since I was Baptized when I became reborn actually), my pain has diminished and my ability to forgive has increased by an incredible amount, I had been taking many different substances – sex and drugs prescribed and illicit, to deal with my pain but as a result of being freed by Dr. CK Quarterman, I don’t need any of that anymore. I have been released from bondage to evil and rededicated my life to Jesus all thanks to Dr. CK Quarterman and his prayer warriors breaking down the evil one long enough for God to show that He is great, He is more powerful than anything in this world and that He wants to give us the gifts of peace, forgiveness and pure, divine love!

I am so grateful that they could help me by freeing me from the evil that I had helped into my life and it really goes to show that God does want the best for me, indeed all of us, and if we’re willing to turn away from sin and allow him into our life, miracles such as being cured of clinical depression can be cured through his Son Jesus. I have personally seen this power and now more than ever, I am thankful for God’s gifts and for the forgiveness and love that he has for us. Thank you God for making my path straight and for bringing these wonderful people into my life! Each new day is wonderful, especially when I reflect on how it used to be, before I accepted Jesus, after I accepted Jesus and now after having true people of faith praying and casting out the demons which thought they could have soul. Now I am a much stronger member of my Church, and can hopefully benefit others through the awesome, divine power of God

My soul belongs to God and no power can take that away from Him! From the bottom of my heart of my heart I thank all of the members of his group and am so grateful to Dr. CK Quarterman for showing me and the devil that I truly am loved by God as each and every one of us are.



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