Testimony of “P”

I did not really know much about spiritual warfare 2008. In fact, I would say as a Christian saved since my early 20’s, I was ignorant of the overall battle.  I purchased a house in 2008 

that apparently had some unclean spirits in the house. The house was a great buy and apparently nothing bad had ever happened in it.   Despite a bad spiritual or uneasy feeling about the house, I purchased the house and going about my daily routines and working, I notice some peculiar things happening.

This is how it started; my driveway was very close to the house and in the morning before I left for work I would sometimes place several items in my vehicle. I had noticed after purchasing the house that certain scratching noises were occurring in a certain area of the house.  It was around a closet, it normally occurred late evening to night.  I dismissed it.  Back to the vehicle, one morning I went to place a bag in the car before actually getting in the vehicle to leave for work. I had always left the vehicle unlocked.  My keys were still in the house on the table and as I got to the vehicle door it locked electrically; all by itself.  I chucked, and thought I guess just a stray signal.  Went and got my keys and unlocked the door.  Place my items in the vehicle and departed for work.  Late in the afternoon the pesky scratching noises would persist.  I investigated them but nothing was ever there. Family members came and slept in the room with the scratchy noise closet. During the night they got up and informed me something was in the closet.

Still, I did not realize anything was spiritually out of whack, however, it was.  Soon there was much turbulence in my life. So, as the incident with the door happened several times. I became suspicious about it, so on purpose; I would leave the keys in the house and carry items out to the vehicle and perfect timing; it would lock right as I got to the door handle. The house was not even close to other houses, so I started to understand what might have been going on.  As the turbulence in all my personal affairs seemed to be taking an equal deterioration, I decided to take a spiritual stand.

At that point I brought out my Bible, opened it up and prayed a prayer to push away what ever had come into the house and my life. As I prayed over the house, it occurred to also leave the bible open on a table to let the word of God flow over and out in the house.  At that point the noises stopped, the vehicle never locked by itself again, and my other troubles, although still in work; were abating.  This led to more dedication to Christ in my life.  You can likely imagine my surprise when a co-worker told me a bizarre story; you see their vehicle had started locking itself just as they got to it, to place something in it before leaving for work.


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