Testimony of “TP”

Testimony Saturday Sept 14th of the year 2013:

I had a very important phone call that had a very big impact on my spiritual growth. I had a deliverance, with Dr. CK Quarterman and other brothers and sisters. I felt the relief and removal of spirits oppressing me, instantly. I was also delivered from generational curses, I had been trying to break free from for years. My knowledge has been growing so fast, I am trying to keep up with what my sponge of a brain is taking in. I have noticed the effect in

my personal life, a very positive one because God is in full control, of me, my children, and others around me. Things and people I had involved  in my life I can now see that they were hindering my growth, I can see clearly now what I need to do. God can now work in me and through me even greater due to having these things and people addressed and known for what they are. Thanks to Dr CK Quarterman and my fellow brothers and sisters, for your prayers and fellowship, I know I have things still to address and work on, however I know it will come, and I am waiting, willing, and pray I am fully able. For now I see how Satan, Lucifer, and his minions work in others to distract me, oppress me and how he uses things of my parents and grandparents to oppress me and to keep me from performing Gods will. The previous soul ties, from premarital relations, sexual and spiritual attacks, and even ailments. I had confirmation on how the enemy was using my children to “get to me”. I am confident and stronger now battling the enemy then ever before, thank you Dr Quarterman for answering Gods calling in your life, and for being the blessing in my life to teach and guide me in the calling God, our Father in Heaven has called me to. I am renewed in my faith and confidence in my authority given by the Blood of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, now God has removed the road blocks preventing the Holy Spirit from working through me Praise God! He is so wonderful, I am in awe. For He loved me so much, He sought me and is qualifying me for His will and work. He does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called. I am so blessed to be one of those. With my love, your sister in Christ. For I am a sinner, but I do not have to be in bondage, for HE died to set me free. I am pressing on towards the goal for which He has called me. Thank you Jesus, for loving me.

Follow Up:

I am so great and free, thank you brother and sisters, I LOVE YOU !!!! and my business is taking off, Thank You Father for what You are doing, have done,and will continue to do in my life, and thank You for my new family


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